9 Amazing Benefits of Cloud-Based Automation Testing

Benefits of cloud based automation testing

#01 Faster Testing Means Quicker Releases

Test automation accelerates software testing, whether on-premises or in the Cloud. However, cloud-based test automation reduces testing cycles by providing a much larger number of test environments. 

As a result, your software teams can shorten feedback loops by increasing your access to test environments, resulting in faster bug fixes and feature releases. 

Testing can begin almost immediately from any location on the planet. Sending updates to the software is seamless, with little or no downtime. Faster testing reduces time to market, giving businesses a significant competitive advantage.

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AI-assisted exploratory testing, by definition, tests user journeys through your app exhaustively, automating tests for which you would not think to write test scripts. 

Because you have more access to cloud-based test environments, you can conduct exploratory testing much faster, increasing your test coverage and, ultimately, your confidence that your software is ready for release.

#02 Scalability

Cloud computing has always enabled rapid scaling up and scaling down IT resources as demand changes, with minimal disruption. The same can be said of cloud-based test automation. 

As a result, by automating test execution scaling, organizations can increase or decrease their testing capabilities as test requirements change.

The scalability of test automation is divided into two categories: test scenarios and platform coverage. Test automation scenarios can be created and executed in parallel across mobile and web platforms in the Cloud.

You can also scale platform coverage and platform elasticity using the Cloud. Scaling up allows you to reduce overall test execution time, resulting in faster feedback.

Teams can now spin up test environments for any story branch at the touch of a button and create a test environment based on the specific needs to check the new software or for resolving the bug or for checking the updates.

Your teams now have instant access to testing infrastructure without the limitations or delays associated with physical hardware or local installation.

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#03 Cloud Test Automation Is Cost-Effective

Moving your test automation to the Cloud can also save you money. For example, buying servers, data centers, and other physical hardware on your own are costly, not to mention the associated maintenance and labor costs to keep everything running. 

And, if your company is rapidly expanding, adding new servers to meet ever-increasing testing demands raises costs even further.

In cloud environments, all of the above are eliminated. In addition, your cloud service provider will cover all hardware, infrastructure, and maintenance costs, eliminating prohibitive upfront costs. 

Compared to traditional test automation tools, the total cost of ownership in cloud-based automation tools is very low. For example, cloud-based tools have lower hardware requirements and do not require expensive per-seat licensing fees. 

This implies that capital expenditure and depreciation costs are kept to a minimum. However, cloud-based tools allow for the more excellent reusability of test components. 

Because they are highly scalable, they are ideal for load and performance testing scenarios. So pay-as-you-go allows you to quickly scale up and down your cloud usage based on your testing needs.

You can dynamically adjust your testing capacity to meet your needs by creating numerous on-demand test environments in the Cloud. Furthermore, the reduced release cycles enabled by cloud-based test automation boost team efficiency.

#04 Favors Continuous Integration

The Cloud enables geographically dispersed teams to collaborate on a project simultaneously. A comparable example would be editing Google Docs. This enables the easy sharing of common repositories and reusable data, making it easier and faster to communicate progress and uncertainties.

By automating test execution in the Cloud, your distributed Dev and QA teams can collaborate on the same products in real time, removing bottlenecks that have previously defined siloed teams. 

Cloud-based test automation provides faster feedback loops, giving your teams better visibility across the CI/CD pipeline and actionable insights into the performance of your SUTs. 

This speeds up software deployment, giving your company a competitive advantage by bringing digital products to market faster than competitors.

A cloud enables all team members to easily access a single pane of glass and understand the project status from anywhere in the organization. A solution like this increases productivity reduces misunderstandings and bridges geographical gaps.

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#05 Anytime Access

The resources required for testing are available and can be accessed anytime and can be accessed from anywhere, regardless of geographical location.

As a result, developing software and running tests becomes simple at any time and from any location.

Cloud-based test automation expands on the ability to scale test execution. 

#06 Parallelization

Parallelization enables test teams to run multiple pre-configured test environments concurrently, simulating various testing parameters of your system under test (SUT).

This method allows different software versions of the same application to run on multiple virtual machines. Alternatively, the same software can be run on multiple devices, browsers, or operating systems. 

Once tests on any of these environments are completed, the results are reported back, and the machines can be turned off without retaining any type of data of the users.

Intelligent exploratory testing optimizes and expands test coverage. With a model-based approach, your testers can create a single model that can execute tests across multiple systems simultaneously.

#07 Supports End-to-End Test Automation

With cloud automation testing, the power of functional test automation, API/Web service testing, performance testing, and security testing is combined.

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#08 Shop Your Device/Os Combinations

Choose your Device/OS/Browser test environment combinations and only pay for the resources you use. There is no need for installation. 

With cloud test automation, Web, Mobile, or Web services applications can be tested to see how it performs on various combinations and screen resolutions.

There is no installation hassle! However, it is possible to test how an application performs on various combinations and screen resolutions, whether it is a Web, Mobile, or Web services application.

#09 Always Available, Always-On, and Reliable 24X7

The Cloud is a self-contained system that shares all testing resources uniformly for each tester and has no effect on speed due to sharing. However, the Cloud does not require installing any application on the system. 

You only need to sign in to begin testing. However, traditional automation testing tools necessitate a significant amount of effort and time to prepare this ecosystem for testing. 

Setting it up for everyone on the team requires a significant initial investment. Everyone in different regions can access the Cloud.

Cloud-based tools incorporate virtualization benefits. For example, they enable businesses to use their resources best, resulting in more flexible and efficient testing. 

As applications become more complex, virtualization provides the advantage of resource sharing and enhances the company’s profit margins.

Teams must be able to access their test environment and automation assets from local PCs, IDEs, CI servers, and any other schedulers. 

This enables them to reliably initiate a testing cycle that can run from start to finish regardless of whether the team is in the United States or elsewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Does A Cloud-Based Automation Testing Tool Incorporate The Cloud?

  • It is highly scalable
  • It is very cost-effective
  • You can access it anytime.
  • AAA – Test is Always available, Always ON & can be done form Anywhere 
  • It favors continuous integration
  • It supports end-to-end test automation
  • It improves the profit margin in the long run

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