5 Challenges and Must-Do Right Practices in Automation Testing


Software and website testing is the main pillar for any website or application. And without automation testing, your testing process will take weeks to complete.

And if you don’t do testing; your application will be full of errors and bugs, which will result in your application not working well and hence…

…will not be liked by the end-user, and your software reputation in the market will go down.

So testing is very important.

But manual testing is nothing but a headache, and you need to shift to automation testing, and you might have shifted to automation testing. Have you? 

If yes, then that’s great.

If not, read this blog to get more perspective.

But there are some challenges in automation testing, and with the right practices and by choosing the right automation testing software, you can overcome these challenges.

So let’s first discuss top automation testing challenges!

5 Challeneges You May Face In Automation Testing

#01 Not Choosing The Right Tool

Choosing the right tool is very much important, and more important is if the existing tool frameworks are not working for you, then moving to a different tool, many people do not change the tool quickly and face the consequences. 

You should properly research the tool. Consider factors like reusability, no of testing cases, in-depth reporting, integration of another tool so that you do not need to use multiple automation tools, after support, should be budget-friendly etc. Also, take a demo before going for any automation tool.

In the TestGrid.io automation tool, you get all the above-mentioned features and more exclusive features, making the testing more smooth for the developers.

#02 Not Updated

Updating the test cases is very much important, and an automation testing tool is a tool; if not used effectively, then it’s of no use. 

It makes life easy for the QA team by automating testing, but only when all the test cases remain up-to-date. 

For every change in the operating system, clients requirements, automation libraries, you need to also update the browser. 

With outdated test cases, automation testing becomes less effective and becomes more like a manual testing time taking and tedious, so regular updates of test cases, and framework is crucial

#03 Moving From One Tool To Another

Many automation tools have some or the other framework or test case missing, or they take time against the complex application; in that case, the process of automation slows down; you need to move from one automation tool to another for different needs which makes the process bit tedious

Though if you choose TestGrid.io complex applications will be tested faster; along with that, in TestGrid.io, you get all tools integrated into one tool, so no need to shift from one tool to another.

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#04 The Best Approach

Choosing the right approach for automation testing is very much important. If your team has not decided which approach for the best result, then you might not get the best ROI.

Also, you need to maintain proper testing cycles. 

The team should make proper plans for the same. Without a plan and schedule, you cannot achieve the best effectiveness. Also, it’s important to test the app after every update and after every development at the initial time of the application

With the in-built AI in TestGrid.io, things might get easy for you.

#05 Proper Communication

Although you can do testing with an automation testing tool, proper communication between everyone in the team is important. 

A proper planning, everyone needs to be informed, proper organised testing and transparency, analysing the report properly etc., need to be maintained as although testing is automated sill it handled by humans so ensuring proper communication between the team might sound like a generic point but is one of the most important

Don’t consider that its automation tool has everything done if not used properly, then even the best test automation tool like TestGrid.io can’t help you.

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Practices To Follow For Effective Automation Testing

Choosing the right test case:

Although you can automate all tests using the TestGrid.io automation tool, it’s not like you should automate all your tests; you need to be selective in choosing the test cases as it takes more time and effort. 

Update:  Update the test cases regularly, review the test scripts to find the relevant and irrelevant or not used test cases and remove these test cases; doing so will save your time and resources 

Setting up the proper environment: If the environment is unstable; the actual result will vary from the expected result every time and hence it will become difficult to debug it.

Maintain data: Test data should be of high quality and easy to maintain; if you are using data that is difficult to maintain, then the whole purpose of automation will be of no use.

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Many challenges need a proper schedule and proper team planning, but if you choose the right automation testing tool, you can easily resolve most of the issues. 

TestGrid.io certainly is the solution for all the problems. It integrates every tool in one so that you do not need to shift from one automation tool to another.

It also provides cloud infrastructure, keeps your data secure, maximum testing cases in the industry, most accurate test report, and you can test even the most complex applications easily with TestGrid.io

So try TestGrid.io and make the software and web development process more smooth.

To know more about TestGrid.io, click here.

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