5 Essential Things To Consider while Performing Regression Testing

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Regression Testing is a detailed and complex testing process.

When it comes to business, it’s about making more and more profits in every next financial year.

As the more profit you make, the longer your business will last!

With the growing demand for software development and increasing competition, not all software firms are able to sustain in this business.

So it would help if you were wise in order to sustain in this competitive market.

If you run any software firm, you might be aware that the most money is spent on acquiring skillful people, but skillful people are limited; as a result, you need to give software developers better pay.

So the cost of acquiring software developers is going to increase in the market with the rapid increase in the competition.

But you can cut the cost by cutting costs on other fronts; in software development, one of the most crucial as well one of the most repetitive things is software testing. 

Software testers cost a lot, so you should go for scriptless automation tools for your testing, especially for complex and detailed testings like regression testing.

Such testing you need to perform every time you add a new feature or update to make sure that the update and new features do not erode the existing code or features 

So in this article, let’s discuss what you should see in automation tools, especially for regression testing:

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5 Things To Look For While Selecting The Automation Testing Software

#01 It Should Be Scriptless

Nowadays, there is much so-called software testing software claiming that they will automate your testing process but still, that automation software provides practical automation testing and not a complete one. 

As you still need to have programming knowledge to perform regression testing like regression testing, but with automation or rather fully automation software like TestGrid.io, you get full scriptless experience; with zero programming knowledge, you can perform testing also instructions are given in simple English, which anyone can easily understand.

#02 AI-Powered

Often with regression testing, due to some complex issue with the code, testing takes a lot more time.

Especially when regression testing (which is very detailed testing) is performed to test any software such issue occurs more often.

But with TestGrid.io which is AI-powered, such an issue automatically resolves in the backend code.

Because of this, you don’t need to work more to solve any hurdles in automated regression testing manually.

#03 Proper Report Generation

Its about software image as even due to small issue in code if features are not working properly, your software image is in trouble, so after regression testing, proper detail report is needed with information like success or failure of a particular test case which will help to track the complete details of the test cases should also include the number of test cases executed and status of each test case along with proper visuals and screenshots, detailed review all this information will help your software developers to detect if there’s any serious issue and they can work accordingly.

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#04 Parallel Testing

You should always select software with parallel test features available, or else you need to wait for one test to finish, which will take a serious amount of time for your developers and might delay the further process. 

So parallel test execution must-have features in any automation testing software.

#05 Proper Testing Environment

Select the automation software which provides a proper testing environment as a different type of software needs a different environment. 

Also, make sure that you are able to test even complex software easily with the software automation tool, as many times as required.

With growing technology, one tool is not able to do complete testing and thus you may leave a few bugs while testing.

For that matter, many times firms go for different automation applications which adds more work and reduces the ROI.

For getting better ROI, you must try to get automation tools with all integrated features like TestGrid.io which is the “one-stop solution” for all software and website testing.

You can easily perform complex software testing and integrate all the required tools with TestGrid.io.

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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Regression Testing

  • First, work on recent changes in code or functionality of the software as chances of bugs in them is more. You should maintain proper documentation of all the changes so that; you can use this record to know the test cases which you can use for regression testing later.
  • There is the probability that some regression testing might take more time for proper execution in such cases, and you should prioritise test cases, first select those test cases which are of high priority for your client. 
  • With changes in technology, testing is becoming complex with time, so many times while executing complex testing cases; software gets crashes, so make sure that you include complex testing in the regression testing suite.
  • First, check the areas or codes which has been detecting bugs frequently; execute regression testing first on those codes as there are chances of getting bugs in those areas.
  • Select test cases according to business needs. Even if it’s a minor bug like an issue in some font or spelling mistake or issue in the logo; but for your client, it’s of high priority as its about the image of software.


Following all the things mentioned above, you can do regression testing in a proper way. 

For sure, such testing is vital, especially after the introduction of new features or change in code of software but… 

…you must not perform regression testing manually as it takes a lot of time, resources and might not be accurate.

So, you should look for automation tools like TestGrid.io which provides a smooth experience and perform complex test cases with ease.

TestGrid.io is the perfect automation testing tool for all sorts of testing, including regression testing.

Moreover, with its features like integrated AI system, cloud infrastructure, proper security features, integration with almost all the software, etc.

It provides maximum test cases in the industry and a complete scriptless testing experience for both desktop and mobile; which might be the best deal for your firm.