Provides a Consistent User Experience (Ux)

Cross-browser testing ensures that all browsers, devices, and platforms have the same behaviour and experience. 

Different Browsers Handle Applications Differently

The web browser  in which they are run, different client components produce different results. 

Various Technologie Used to Construct The World Wide Web

Since the internet’s inception, website technologies  have evolved dramatically.  From JavaScript to Applets and a slew of other technologies.

CSS Styles can Appear In a Variety of Way

CSS styles may appear differently in different browsers. This is something that can be detected and addressed through cross-browser testing.

You Go Ahead, or Your Competitors Will

If you do not invest time and resources in ensuring cross-browser testing, your competitors will. This is a new way of doing cross-browser testing. 


With TestGrid, testing is made easy, and you can automate the whole process and write the instructions without going through a tedious coding process.