Best Practices for No-Code Automated Testing

No-code automated testing is a relatively new approach to testing that is gaining popularity among developers and quality assurance professionals


Before creating any tests, it is important to plan the testing process carefully. This includes defining the scope of testing, identifying the goals of testing, and selecting the appropriate testing tools.

Plan the testing process

Focus on user-centric testing

User-centric testing involves creating tests that simulate user behavior and ensure that the application meets user requirements. This approach helps to ensure that the application is user-friendly.


Prioritise test cases

It is essential to prioritise test cases based on their importance and likelihood of occurrence. This helps to ensure that critical features and functions are thoroughly tested.


Create reusable test cases

Creating reusable test cases can save time and effort in testing. It is important to identify common scenarios and create test cases that can be used across different applications or features.


Incorporate test automation best practices

No-code automated testing should follow best practices for test automation, including creating modular and maintainable test cases, using descriptive test names, and implementing effective error handling.


Use version control

Version control is essential in any software development process, including no-code automated testing. It helps to track changes and maintain a history of test cases.


Monitor and analyse test results

It is important to monitor and analyse test results to identify issues and track progress over time. This helps to improve the quality of the application and ensure that it meets user requirements.



In conclusion, no-code automation testing tool like TestGrid can increase the speed and efficiency of testing while reducing manual effort. By following these best practices, teams can ensure the effectiveness of no-code automated testing and improve the quality of their applications. 

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