Prevent Software Bugs 

Many times developers face some problems while developing software. And these problems create bugs in software. So here are some tips to prevent software from the bug.

1. Behavior Driven Development

BDD is one of the great ways for bugs prevention in software. It reducing the possibility of bugs resulting from an incorrect specification document due to a lack of communication.

2. Clear Communication

Ensuring proper communication is really important for bugs prevention in software. Open and transparent communication between teams and team members can be highly beneficial.

3. Test-Driven Development

TDD is one of the commonly used techniques for bugs prevention in software. TDD encourages the creation of failing tests for the feature/product before its development.

4. Continuous Integration and Testing 

Bugs prevention in software with CICT is one of the practices used in the software development industry. This saves a significant amount of time.

5. Specification Review And Management

The specification define what functionality the software should provide. An incorrect specification will inevitably result in preventable bugs within the codebase.

6. Review And Inspection

Proper code review and inspection help in bugs prevention in software. This is especially useful for new developers who are still developing good habits.

7. Regression Testing

As new releases are developed, testing all new features and bug fixes is critical but with the help of Automate regression testing you can prevent bugs in software.

8. Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is used in many industries so as in the software development world and it ensures bugs prevention in software. 

9. Third-Party Tools

If you discover that a third-party program or tool is consistently causing bugs in your own code, the best thing you can do is simply avoid using that program or tool.

10. Test Planning

Well proper planning is required in all industries but it is very crucial for the software testing industry and is one of the most important ways for bugs prevention in software.


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