Causes of Bugs In Software

If you are a developer or tester then you must know the reasons that cause bugs in software in the first place. So here are some reasons causes of bugs.

01. Regression/ Injection

Regression/injection means that the software was working as expected before the new code change, but a bug was introduced after the new code change.

02. Communication Gap

Bugs can occur due to misunderstandings. Miscommunication results from a lack of organized communication. This is the primary cause of software bugs after development.

03. Inadequate Testing

This lapse in testing could be caused by several factors, including: a lack of appropriate testing procedures for the product, Inadequate testing time and resources, etc.

04. Improper Planning

A simple lack of planning on the team’s end before development is the most likely cause of an absent specification bug.

05. Messy Code

Bad coding practices such as inefficient or missing error/exception handling and lack of proper validations may lead to the introduction of errors in the code.


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