There are some key differences to note between End-to-End Testing and Integration Testing.

Whereas Integration Testing starts at the very beginning of your software development process.

End-to-End Testing (or E2E) is performed when a product is almost ready to be released

Integration Testing, on the other hand, is more suited to be employed during the developmental phases of your software.

E2E is best to use when your product is almost near completion.

E2E tests are slower when compared to Integration testing. 

The objective of Integration Testing is primarily to evaluate how external systems interact with internal components one by one.

E2E mainly focuses on the user experience from beginning to end.

In contrast, Integration testing is utilized to test a single process from 3rd party software that will be used along with your product.

E2E is best suited to perform a single operation from start to finish or as several separate procedures involving different apps.

Considering both hardware and software, E2E is more expensive to implement than Integration Testing.

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