Escalating Performance Testing in Agile

Embracing a Left Shift Approach

The performance of any application is traditionally assessed only after it has been built. To meet the growing customer expectations, a cultural shift is necessary. Performance testing should be incorporated into the project at the beginning, not at the end.

Integrating performance testing into the continuous testing process will ensure that all deliverables are tested thoroughly for functionality and performance.

The shift left approach involves bringing in all test requirements early in the software development lifecycle to benefit both the business and the end user.

Essential Steps for Implementing Shift Left Testing

Define clear roles and responsibilities


To ensure that each team member understands their responsibilities within the application lifecycle, it is necessary to clearly segment the roles of architects, developers, testers, and operations managers.

Understand the requirements in detail 


To conduct a successful performance test, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the requirements such as system capacity, Application bottlenecks, Type of application and its architecture

Manage test runs effectively


Test runs are performed in an iterative manner for each sprint (in the case of agile) as part of the shift left approach. At each stage, tests are conducted and modules are improved.