The Challenges

Because of the millions of moving parts, including the changing validity and applicability of current insurance terms based on use, the Company wanted comprehensive testing solutions.  

They also needed API testing capabilities and browser virtualization , by leveraging artificial intelligence and smart testing tools across real-devices and browsers, spanning the cloud and off-premises deployments. 

The Solutions

TestGrid enabled a strong set of CI/CD automation and automation workflows, enabling comprehensive testing automation and functional QA enabled by Automation Engineers with intelligent, low-code abilities. 

Using TestGrid’s Device and Browser Cloud, remote testing was made possible, providing cross-browser support so that the company can centrally operate their testing processes over multiple browsers, and multiple devices. 


The Company achieved enhanced CI/CD Integration, with a DevOps setup that works seamlessly with Test Automation 

Company uses build analysis and logs to track test runs, app variants, and browser versions to ensure robust feedback with scheduled email reporting. 

The Test Case Management Suite enabled iterative testing across all browsers, devices, and OS variants to ensure reliable insurance services. 


Scalability:  The saved effort and money offers unparalleled scalability for the business where they can focus on improving their operations. 

Reliability : TestOS enabled the testing methodology that reduces test case flakiness and rewriting by over 90%. 

Efficiency:   The company gets a solidified CI/CD pipeline, with a testing first approach, saving 1000 person days of effort and time.  

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