Is software testing a good career choice?  Here are the facts you should know

Today, companies are making software testing a mandatory part of the development process to ensure that every product they launch is perfect

With many apps rejected by end-users recently due to software defects and after suffering huge losses, developers are not taking any more chances.

Consequently, there is a huge demand for software testers which is expected to grow even further in the future

All these make software testing an excellent career choice that has great growth potential.

As a software tester, you can expect an attractive annual salary of $83,376 in the US, with benefits like bonuses and health insurance

However, to qualify for a software tester’s job, you must have a mixture of technical and non-technical skills, apart from academic qualifications

Basic software testing knowledge and knowledge of different software can be helpful. A certification course like ISTQB would also help

Having an idea about software testing concepts like bug life cycle and the different testing types will give you an edge

Learn the skills you need to be a successful software tester and join the growing field of software testing.

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