Setting a New Benchmark


In the Automation Testing Industry

is a testing strategy that emphasizes the Resilience and Robustness of a Software system.




Failure Injection Testing Chaos Engineering Fault Tolerance Testing Redundancy and Failover Testing Disaster Recovery Testing

This technique involves deliberately introducing failures or faults into the system during automated tests to assess its resilience. It includes scenarios like network failures, server crashes, or database errors.

Failure Injection Testing


Ihis approach involves intentionally causing disruptions or introducing randomness into the system to test its robustness. It helps identify vulnerabilities and build confidence in the system's ability to withstand unpredictable scenarios.

Chaos Engineering


It focuses on evaluating the system's ability to continue functioning correctly in the presence of errors. Test cases are designed to measure how well the system handles exceptions, recovers data, and maintains expected behavior.

Fault Tolerance Testing


validating the system's ability to seamlessly switch to backup or redundant components in case of failure. By simulating component failures, It verifies the failover mechanisms, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance .

Redundancy and Failover Testing


This rigorous testing validates the system's recovery process and resilience in the face of major disasters or catastrophic failures. By testing backup and restore procedures, data integrity, and system availability.

Disaster Recovery Testing


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