Looking for user friendly Test Automation? Robot Framework is for you!

The Robot framework is an open source test automation framework, which is used for Acceptance Testing and Acceptance Test-driven Development (ATDD).  It has a tabular test data syntax and it uses the keyword-driven testing approach. Because the Robot framework follows a modular architecture, Its testing capability can be extended by test libraries programmed with Python or Java.

By organizing test cases and associated resources into separate sections, Robot Framework provides a flexible and modular approach to test automation that makes it easy to create and maintain test suites over time. Robot file contains 3 major sections Settings - which includes library and plugin Variables - Values can be assigned to variables which can be reused across various test cases. Test Case - You can define individual test cases consisting of name description and set of test steps.

Easy to use - Robot Framework has a simple syntax that is easy to read and write, making it accessible for both technical and non-technical users. Cross-platform support -  Robot Framework can be used on different operating systems and platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile platforms. Highly customizable - Robot Framework can be extended and customized using a wide range of libraries, plugins, and integrations. Comprehensive reporting - Robot Framework provides comprehensive test reports that include detailed information on test results, performance, and errors, which helps users identify and resolve issues quickly.

Want to execute Robot Test Case on real device cloud?