Functional or behavioural differences of a website on different browsers may result in losing customers.

To ensure the same pleasant user experience across all browsers, any web app or website should go through rigorous cross browser testing.

Cross Browser testing promotes a positive reputation and has an impact on bottom-line goals.

Users can easily view content and experience optimised functionality regardless of device, operating system, or browser they use.

However, it is difficult and costly for organisations to purchase and test their application on various browsers and platforms.

TestGrid is a cloud-based automation testing tool that provides the industry's most browsers and versions, allowing you to maximise your ROI. 

It is one of the most affordable testing tools available. You get a slew of features with the TestGrid that make testing easier for testers.

With TestGrid, anyone with no coding experience can get started with software testing.

It enables users to add multiple environments to their testing suite and seamlessly run parallel testing, saving time, effort, and money. 

Scaling up and down is simple and straightforward with TestGrid.