Test Automation for Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)

 NFV has revolutionised the way networks are managed and deployed. NFV refers to the virtualisation of network functions, such as firewalls, load balancers, and routers, into software. While NFV offers numerous benefits, it also poses new challenges, especially when it comes to testing.

Introduction to Test Automation for NFV

Test automation offers numerous benefits for NFV testing, including faster testing, improved accuracy, and increased test coverage. With automated testing, teams can ensure that their NFV deployments are reliable and performant. 

Benefits of Test Automation for NFV

NFV testing presents unique challenges that must be addressed to ensure the reliability and performance of NFV deployments. These challenges include complex network topologies, dynamic workloads, and interoperability issues. 

Key Challenges of NFV Testing

Several test automation frameworks are available for NFV testing, including Robot Framework, Cucumber, and Selenium. These frameworks offer a range of features, such as easy integration with CI/CD pipelines, test case management, and reporting capabilities. 

Test Automation Frameworks for NFV

Test automation tools are essential for implementing NFV testing. Tools like TestGrid help automate the testing process, reduce manual effort, and increase testing accuracy. 

Test Automation Tools for NFV

To ensure the success of NFV test automation, teams must follow best practices such as defining clear testing objectives, identifying test cases and scenarios, selecting the right tools and frameworks, and integrating testing into the CI/CD pipeline.

Best Practices for NFV Test Automation

NFV offers numerous benefits, but it also presents new challenges for testing. Test automation can help address these challenges by reducing testing time and effort, increasing test coverage, and improving overall testing accuracy. 


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