Here are some strategies that you can follow to create a High-Performance testing team>>

Testers Should Be Data-Driven Appoint testers who rely on quality metrics and data more than their instincts or gut feelings.

Good Communicators The team must effectively communicate with their peers, and customers to solve the problems at hand.

Select The Right People As leaders, assigning the job to people with the proper knowledge and skills to deal with an issue is essential.

Clarify Your Purpose Make sure everybody is crystal clear about what is expected of them so that there is complete role clarity.

Provide Feedback Regularly Give testers clear and concise feedback about their work, appreciate when required and address what needs improvement.

Invest in Training Enhance the knowledge of testers by motivating them to attend software testing sessions regularly and reading testing books.

Keep Your Testers Updated With constant upgrades and new launches in the field, encourage testers to compete in testing competitions and connect with industry peers.

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