Deal With Missed Bug

Sometimes developers missed some bugs while testing software. But you can easily deal with missed bugs in these simple ways. So here are the 5 best ways to deal with missed bugs.

1. Keep Calm

The first thing you need to do is remain calm. It includes taking a deep breath and waiting for your reviewer or manager to finish speaking before replying.

2. Check more than Once

If you don’t know where your error came from or what went wrong, check more than once. With so many moving parts, the software can fail in countless ways. 

3. Learn from Your Mistakes

Getting frustrated or upset by these snags and not knowing what went wrong, look at them as opportunities for learning about your users.

4. Educate Your Stakeholders

As a tester, Educate Your Stakeholders and the entire team to participate in software testing tasks is one of your duties. 

5. Anticipate Issues and Build a Safety Net

A developer knows which types of issues will come while developing software. So you can anticipate that issues and build a safety net. 


Overlooked bugs can hurt a company’s reputation and revenue. So if you want to learn more about missed bugs than you can visit our site.