Why Mobile Automation Testing Is Needed

In this web story, we explain  11 reasons why mobile automation testing is needed. let's know everything about mobile test automation here

1. Reduce In-House Device Lab Cost

In-house device lab costs, we now need more professionals to maintain the grid, which costs money and it  significant for high costs when working on mobile testing. 

2. Increased Test Coverage

Automated software testing can help improve software quality by increasing the depth and scope of tests. Automated software testing can inspect memory contents.

3. Helps Developers and Tester

Developers can use shared automated tests to catch problems quickly before sending them to QA.  These kinds of features save developers time and boost their confidence. 

4. There is No Tiredness

Machines are never tired. Automated tests can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And you don’t have to be present to supervise.

5. Enhance Accuracy and Reliability

Test automation is far more reliable and accurate when running the boring, repetitive tests required and cannot be skipped without jeopardizing product quality.  

6. Execution to Fix a Bug

Automation testing has high speed execution to fix a bug. Automated testing aids in the delivery of rapid app development that yields excellent results and a high ROI. 

7. Overcomes Manual Testing

Automated testing can simulate the interactions of tens, hundreds, or thousands of virtual users with a network, software, and web applications. 

8. Stagnant Business Expansion

With automated mobile testing, we can expand the business faster and complete repetitive mobile testing tasks in a very short time and quickly.

9. Development and Quality Assurance Team

Automation tools relieve employees of time-consuming and repetitive testing tasks, allowing them to focus on more rewarding projects.

10. Reducing the Testing Time and Cost

Reduced time and cost give a solid reason why mobile automation testing is needed. Automated testing reduces person-hours, resulting in saving development costs. 

11. Better Access to Report

Using an automation tool, testers can gain real-time access to updates. In addition, it converts raw data into visuals that testers can use. 


In today's time Mobile automation testing is needed to make a bug free software. if you want to learn more about automation testing so you can visit our site