Ever wondered why test automation fails sometimes? Lets check! >>>>>

Impractical assumptions The assumptions of the complete elimination of manual testing or reduced test cycle times lead the development teams to unrealistic expectations.

Dependency Test automation depends on various constraints and parameters like test types, no.of tests, requirements, and so on and does not provide a ‘one size fits all’ kind of solution.

Overlooking Manual Testing Everybody agrees that automation is the best! But to have machine automation alongside human or manual testing gives out more accurate results!

No proper management Automation is a team work and must include all the team members, including the management, with the same goal.

Poor resource planning Resources that aren’t well trained in using a particular automation tool shall lead to various problems and lead to a failure of test automation.

Lack of Skilled Staff One needs to be aware of the skillset of his/her team members. With a lack of knowledge or a certain skill set, test automation, which is a team effort, leads to failures.

There are many more!

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