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Let us write a test to check whether the response to our request has a status code of 200 and that there are no errors in the response body. We’ll use the URL https://www.httpbin.org/status/200 and Method GET In this case we’ll need to write two expect statements, one for checking the status and another for checking the response body. However, we can wrap expect statements with pw.test to group and describe related statements.

There are two ways to test the status code:

  • check if it is exactly 200 : pw.expect(pw.response.status)toBe(200)
  • use the matcher functions for quick and convenient testing of the http status code, in this case toBeLevel2xx() : pw.expect(pw.response.status)toBeLevel2xx()

Test Script

pw.test("Response is ok", () => {

These tests will successfully pass once you send the request.

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