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API testing – introduction


Application Programming Interface is the layer between UI and database. API testing checks the APIs’ functionality, performance, reliability, and security. API testing is done in 2 ways –

  1. either directly on API
  2. as part of integration testing

As a part of the latter, it also effectively checks and validates the logic of building architecture.

Let’s look at how TestGrid can do quick API testing.

API testing with TestGrid is straightforward.

Go to the website and sign-up for free, and start testing.

Once you login to the TestGrid side, you will see the options below your dashboard as shown below screenshot:


API testing with TestGrid

Click on TG-API testing, which will take you to the page below.

TestGrid dashboard for API automation testing

TestGrid  API testing will let you try the following as given in the below screenshot.

  • Rest API,
  • GraphQL endpoint,
  • real-time platforms such as WebSocket, SSE, Socket.IO & MQTT.

The following three features will guide you in the API testing:

History: This helps you pick up where you left off at last. All recent API requests you made are listed here.

Collections: You can easily organize all your API requests through folders in groups.

Environments: The setting environment is straightforward. Just select from the dropdown list to choose from the available environments. You can store variables from one request and reuse the values in your requests within the same environment.

For manual API testing, click on the dropdown and select the below:

  1. Select type of request from the list:
      1. GET
      2. POST
      3. PUT
      4. PATCH
      5. DELETE
      6. HEAD
      7. CONNECT
      8. OPTIONS
      9. TRACE
      10. CUSTOM
  2. Next, enter the URL
  3. Click Send (Note: The request can also be saved in different collections for recall in the future)
  4. In the response section, you’ll be able to observe the following:
      1. Response Body
      2. Status
      3. Time
      4. Size
      5. Headers
  5. The result section will give you the API testing results.

API testing with TestGrid


That’s it. You are done with basic API testing.

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