Introduction of a New Web User-Friendly Interface

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Step 1: Log in to the TestGrid Platform using valid credentials and click on Device Cloud.




Step 2: By clicking on ‘Device Cloud’, users can access and view the new interface.




Step 3: By clicking the ‘i’ button, users can view information such as the device ID, model, screen resolution, Appium URL, system port, device connection name, appium port, Pixel density, MJpeg port, UDID, whether the device is virtual or real, and reboot.




Step 4: Clicking on the ‘Device Groups’ option allows users to see the available categories for Android, iOS, and browsers.



Step 5: Clicking on the ‘Device Version’ option allows users to see the different versions of Device Groups.



Step 6: The name of the user using the device will be displayed next to the device, indicating their status as either “Available,” “Busy,” or “Reserved.”



As simple as that! Happy Testing 😇

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