Selenium IDE, Record and Playback Integration and Use

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Getting started with Selenium IDE requires no additional setup other than installing the extension on your browser. One of our driving philosophies is to provide an easy-to-use tool that will give instant feedback.

We believe that the easier we can make it, the more likely people are to author tests, which in turn results in better-tested apps

Selenium IDE records multiple locators for each element it interacts with. If one locator fails during playback, the others will be tried until one is successful.

Through the use of the run command, you can reuse one test case inside of another (e.g., allowing you to reuse your login logic in multiple places throughout a suite).

The Selenium IDE can be extended through the use of plugins. They can introduce new commands to the IDE or integrate with a third-party service. Write your own, or install one that someone else has already written.



a. TestGrid login credentials

b. Testcase written in the Selenium IDE (.side) file


Start configuring your Selenium IDE file in our scriptless TestGrid system right away.

If you have previously generated a Selenium IDE test case (.side) file, you can easily utilize it for seamless uploads using our scriptless tools on TestGrid. This streamlined process involves just two simple steps, enabling efficient utilization.


Step 1: Open the TestGrid Dashboard and create a new application.

  • Login with TestGrid credentials and add one new application.


Given Any name with create.



Step 2. Click to open it after you have created it. Once the screen below appears, create a version by choosing Platform and Script Type, then save it.


After the application is created, add one module.



Step 3. After the module has been created, the Selenium IDE test case file (.side) is uploaded here.



Our scriptless tool, which has been optimized for use in “record and playback” for web test automation, is ready for use once the file has been uploaded.

Step 4: View live results on the TestGrid “Record and playback” executions.

As simple as that! Happy Testing 😇


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