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Setting a PIN (Personal Identification Number) on Android devices is a security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your device. The process may vary slightly depending on the Android version and the device manufacturer. Testing on passcode-protected devices is essential for specific use cases, particularly for apps dealing with sensitive data, such as banking apps. Device passcode protection serves as an additional security measure, ensuring the safeguarding of confidential information.


Step 1: Log in to the TestGrid Platform using valid credentials and click on Device Cloud.



  • After the user clicks on the real device cloud, they will see both cloud infrastructure and real devices.
  • Next, choose one of the devices and click the “Connect” button.




Step 2: After clicking on the device, you will find the pin configuration option on its bottom side.



  • Once you click on the pin configuration option, you will see the pin configuration window or menu pop up.
  • Click on the “Set Device Pin” option.



Step 3: There are four ways to configure the pin on the device.


A). How to Set a Pin on Your Device:

Enter the PIN in the designated area, then click the “Set Device PIN” button to view the “Pin Set Successfully” message on the top right side of the device.




B). How to unlock the device:

The device has become locked for some reason, and you need to unlock it. Connect the device, select the pin configuration option, and then choose the “Unlock Device” option.



  • The upper-right corner of the device will display the message “Device unlocked successfully” after entering the correct pin in the required field that you have set on the device and clicking the “Unlock Device” button.





c). How to change the pin on your device:

If you want to change your PIN, simply click on the pin configuration, select the “Change Device Pin” option, and enter the old pin and the new one in the relevant fields. Click on the “Change Device Pin” button



  • When you click the “Change Device Pin” button after entering the necessary data in the provided field, the device’s top right corner will display the message “PIN set successfully.”



D). How to remove the pin from your device:

If you want to remove a pin from your device, enter the currently set pin, and then click the “Remove Device Pin” button.



  • After you have entered the pin, click the “Remove Device Pin” button. The message “Pin has been removed successfully” will appear in the top right corner of the device.




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