TestNG for Parallel and Distributed Testing

TestNG is a powerful testing framework for Java that is designed to make automated testing easy and efficient.

Parallel testing allows running multiple tests concurrently.


Distributed testing allows executing tests across multiple machines.

TestNG supports parallel execution of test methods, test classes, and test suites.

Parallel execution can be achieved by configuring the 'parallel' attribute in the testng.xml file.

Parallel Execution in TestNG

TestNG provides several strategies for parallel execution, such as 'methods', 'classes', 'tests', 'instances', and 'none'.

TestNG ensures thread-safety by creating a new instance of the test class for each thread.

TestNG also provides a thread-safe data provider mechanism to avoid data race conditions.

Thread-Safe Tests

Thread-safe tests ensure that the test results are consistent and reliable.

TestNG allows executing tests across multiple machines using a cloud-based testing service like TestGrid.

Distributed testing helps in reducing the test execution time and improving the test coverage.

Distributed Testing with TestNG

Cloud-based testing services like TestGrid provide a platform to execute tests across multiple browsers and platforms.

Cloud-based testing services provide scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud-Based Testing with TestNG



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