TestGrid offers Large-Scale Enterprises and Major Businesses an End-to-End Automated Testing Platform and a Suite of Testing Tools that empower Agile development teams. Built on a clear understanding of the needs of management, developers, and testers to have a simpler solution for software product development, TestGrid created a cloud-based automated testing platform for enterprises. By utilizing the TestGrid platform and TestOS(an Operating System for All Your Testing Needs) customers can accelerate their turn-around time for product deployments and/or updates, as well as tremendously cut down their costs on product development and testing.
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TestGrid, Inc. Office Location in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Tech Village, considered to be one of the largest Tech Centers in the U.S. and recently ranked 4th place in the nation.

TestGrid has deployed Automated Testing Clouds in multiple locations around the world. Our Testing cloud can also be hosted on-premise. This will ensure the provision of a High Availability Service Network, configured with load balancing and mirroring so that software team members can enjoy close proximity access to the 24/7 on-demand service and receive their reporting in a timely fashion.

TestOS let's you Save Cost on Infrastructure, Faster and Easy integration or migration from your existing automation set up, and accelerate product release cycles.

TestGrid's TestOS is the only Truly Robust Test Automation platform that is built and designed with every team member in mind: from the head of engineering to the product tester.