Visual Testing

Our visual testing solution empowers you to detect even the slightest deviations in appearance, ensuring pixel-perfect precision across devices and browsers. With our cutting-edge testing capabilities, you can streamline your visual testing processes and deliver flawless user experiences to the user every time.

visual testing

With TestGrid automated visual testing users will be able to test visual changes of their mobile apps and websites Without adding any external SDK to your projects or drastically changing your functional test case code.

visual testing

Seamlessly Automated,
No Need For Feature Specific Tools

TestGrid visual testing is a built-in feature by TestGrid where users just insert few lines of codes and rest everything else is taken care of by AI. All you have to do is run your automation tests and you will automatically get a visual testing comparison with your baseline tests and other subsequent tests.

Unleash Flawless Testing:
TestGrid's Visual AI for Unrivaled Coverage

By harnessing TestGrid's Visual AI capabilities, the limitations of visual test coverage become a thing of the past. TestGrid seamlessly validates every element within an interface, encompassing text, images, layouts, videos, and more, sparing your team the tedious task of creating unreliable tests.

TestGrid vigilantly monitors your user interface, bolstering visual test coverage and eradicating the possibility of visual bugs slipping into production.

Visual AI
Test Complete

Test complete UI, don’t leave anything to chance

Testing with Visual AI goes past traditional functional testing and validates not only that the system is working, and data is returned correctly, but also that the interface itself looks correct on any size screen or device

For End-to-End and complex test scenarios like BFSI & eCommerce flows, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your website or mobile app works and looks exactly as it should.

All things testing, one solution. TestGrid.

AI-powered Test Automation

Write and run automated tests in minutes. Execute web and app testing with TestGrid’s scriptless automation powered by AI. Reduce your testing time and focus on releasing meaningful software faster.

  • checkAutomate all platforms testing mobile, web, custom hardware & IoT
  • checkScale up and down on requirement basis
  • checkAuthor perfect test cases every time
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is visual testing?

Visual testing refers to a meticulous software testing method that concentrates on appraising the visual appearance and arrangement of web applications or software interfaces. It verifies that elements such as colors, fonts, images, and layout are presented accurately across various devices, browsers, and screen dimensions.

When should you do visual testing?

Visual testing should be conducted during various stages of software development, including UI/UX design, development, and pre-deployment to production. It becomes particularly crucial after implementing design or code modifications to ensure sustained visual consistency and error-free presentation.

What is the difference between functional testing and visual testing?

Functional testing validates the functionality of your software, ensuring that features, inputs, and outputs work as expected. On the other hand, visual testing goes beyond functionality to validate the appearance and layout of the user interface. With TestGrid's Visual AI, you can ensure that your software not only works correctly but also looks flawless.

How do you perform visual testing?

Visual testing can be executed manually by visually inspecting the application on diverse devices and browsers. Alternatively, automated visual testing tools like TestGrid.io leverage AI-driven algorithms to automatically identify visual inconsistencies, thereby saving time and ensuring comprehensive coverage.

What is the difference between visual testing and visual inspection?

Visual testing denotes a structured process of evaluating the visual attributes of software, ensuring uniformity and accuracy. In contrast, visual inspection encompasses visual testing but may extend to manual checks and subjective evaluations without the use of automated tools or specific testing methodologies.