The challenge

Situation: Company works with field inspectors who respond to the California Wildfires digitally, through iPad devices. Real-time data feeds and IoT reporting are mission critical to ensuring their season preparedness. Problem? It crashes sometimes! Testing becomes a crucial part of their mode of operation, and they’re looking to iron out every last nuance and achieve perfect real-time reporting.

For this, extensive optimization of their entire software architecture is required.

Now, we have sensors, devices, alarms, gauges, all predicting possibilities, all communicating with each other. Through iPads! All giving realtime inspection data across multiple parameters and assessing all that data spatially. Very good concept, and we are glad to have helped in its execution - to make their network as foolproof as possible!

So, how does the company ensure a robust, realtime framework for analysis and reporting?

Our approach

Synchronicity. Error Correction and Prevention. Exceptional Guidance.

The Company had earlier faced issues of intermittent crashing with their IoT network. An endless array of moving parts, dozens of breakpoints requiring 15 resources constantly looking into testing and debugging - and crashes were still a problem!

Now, with TestGrid, they were able to move 100% of their Appium Java test cases into a scriptless environment with relative ease, and expert guidance.

mission critical firesafety app automation
TestGrid Device Cloud

Remote access was made possible via the use of a Device Cloud, maintained off-premise so that the company can centrally operate their inspection processes without multiple devices on multiple premises. Downstream benefit of this is that the data was centralized at the same time, all secured and accessible with the press of a button, on the cloud.

CI/CD Integration

TestGrid also helped the company obtain real time insights into their data and performance metrics, with verbose device, network and app logs - all neatly categorized and centralized through perfect CI/CD Integration - enabling a real time view into the CPU Utilization and Memory Usage, reducing the time required to detect and fix crashes by 60%.

These features helped them reduce the number of resources required to maintain the testing process from 15 people to a staggering low of 3, saving 2200 Person Days of effort and time.

Our team worked closely with the company to ensure the migration was flawless, and executed with precision.


Realtime Reporting. Crash Prevention. Quick Response. Robust Architecture.

Test Better

With scriptless automation, the team is now lean, without sacrificing agility and able to iterate tests 60% faster across all their app environments. With effortless test case cloning and reusable test scripts, the company is able to expand upon their end-to-end testing capabilities.

Switch on the Fly

Different environments call for different test cases. TestGrid enabled a simple switch system through which the company is able to instantaneously switch between the sets of tests required. This agility seeps through to maintaining better repositories, and updating them with ease.

Remote Access

The network is accessed via iPad Devices . TestGrid allows remote access to real, physical iPad devices through a web portal, so the team can work with any device without having a need to physically have iPad devices shipped to location.

Deploy Pair Programming

Company, along with TestGrid’s Support Team, is able to quickly migrate their existing test case repository over to a scriptless environment in a span of 3 months - a reduction of 75% from their initial test setup, despite the lower resources involved.

Save Money and Time

TestGrid enables an instantaneous deep-dive into all forms of historical analysis, offering deep access and easy control. 60% reduction in time and 45% QA cost .


98 %

Test automation and coverage of applications


100 %

Test cases migrated to no-code TestGrid format


150 %

Grew their development teams globally


With TestGrid, the company is able to achieve full network stability and data integration in just three months.