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World's first AI for Software Testing

Pre-trained on advanced software testing fundamentals & SDLC

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Get started with TestGrid's CoTesterTM

Training & Onboarding

The core AI model comes pre-trained with advanced software testing fundamentals including comprehension of various tools, architectures, languages, and testing frameworks such as Selenium, Appium, Cypress, Robot, Cucumber, and Webdriver, CoTesterTM seamlessly integrates into existing workflows. You can train TestGrid CoTesterTM as your human employee and teach it about team members, team structure, tech stack, code repo, etc to get started.

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Get Things Done

After onboarding & training CoTesterTM is now ready, you can ask it to do things like create perfect manual and automation test cases, and execute those test cases on the TestGrid platform of real mobile devices & browsers.

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Test Faster,
Develop Better

CoTesterTM can detect bugs and performance issues, both before and after deployment, pass those bugs to the team, get them fixed. It can also re-run those test cases again to make sure they are fixed. It is the only partner you need to offer the best user experience.


Do More Than
Just Testing

Manual and automation testing is just the start, you can ask TestGrid's CoTesterTM to log and assign bugs to team members, take notes in sprint, assign tasks, remind teams, and get the work done within deadlines.

continous learning

CoTesterTM is
Continuously Learning

CoTester™ continuously evolves and improves with every task it undertakes. By incorporating feedback, CoTester™ refines its capabilities, ensuring that each subsequent task is executed with greater efficiency and accuracy. This adaptive learning process enables CoTester™ to deliver increasingly superior results with each new assignment, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness and productivity of software testing endeavours.

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Welcome to the future
of software testing

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What is TestGrid CoTesterTM


TestGrid CoTesterTM is the world's first AI designed specifically for software testing. It's pre-trained on advanced software testing fundamentals, architecture, and tools to streamline the testing process.

How does TestGrid CoTesterTM work?


TestGrid CoTesterTM works by leveraging its pre-trained knowledge of software testing fundamentals. It seamlessly works with popular testing frameworks like Selenium, Appium, Cypress, Robot, and more. Additionally, it can be further trained to adapt to your team's unique requirements, such as understanding team structure, tech stack, and code repository.

What tasks can TestGrid CoTesterTM perform?


TestGrid CoTesterTM can perform a variety of tasks including creating both manual and automation test cases, executing tests on real mobile devices and browsers, detecting bugs and performance issues, assigning bugs to team members, taking notes, assigning tasks, setting reminders, and ensuring work is completed within deadlines.

How does TestGrid CoTesterTM ensure quality?


TestGrid CoTesterTM continuously learns from every test case execution, identified bugs, and performance issues. It replicates these issues to ensure they're addressed before deployment, thereby ensuring a high level of quality and user experience.

Can TestGrid CoTesterTM integrate with other tools?


Yes, TestGrid CoTesterTM integrates seamlessly with popular project management and collaboration tools such as Slack, JIRA, Asana, MS Teams, CircleCI, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Trello, ClickUp, Monday, Miro, and Airtable, making it easy to incorporate into your existing workflow.