The challenge

Situation: Company is one of the leading insurers in the United States, providing agents and clients an easy way to interface with their services online. Because of the millions of moving parts, including the changing validity and applicability of current insurance terms based on use, the Company wanted comprehensive testing solutions.

For this, TestGrid integrated with their entire testing architecture, building their testing automation use case from zero to one and recreating their existing Selenium Test Cases on our no-code platform with 60% reduced efforts.

Keep in mind, these include software running on multiple browsers for insurance underwriters, an entire network of independent databases, and client-facing software that needs to reflect accurate data and work effectively, every single time.

So, how does the insurance giant keep a track of all the moving parts?

Our approach

Standardization. Cross-Browser Testing. Continuous Integration.

The company never considered testing automation before TestGrid.

Their regression testing methodology worked on manual scripting and user testing, and they were heavily reliant on feedback to realize critical errors. The Company wanted a DevOps setup that works seamlessly with automation without significant investment in a short timeline, given the tight deadlines, and wanted test automation to iterate multiple test scripts for different use cases: for agents, clients, and all other actors.

They also needed API testing capabilities and browser virtualization, by leveraging artificial intelligence and smart testing tools across real-devices and browsers, spanning the cloud and off-premises deployments.

TestGrid enabled a strong set of CI/CD automation and automation workflows, enabling comprehensive testing automation and functional QA enabled by Automation Engineers with intelligent, low-code abilities.

For something like an Insurance Provider, having a robust software development life cycle is crucial to scalability, and they chose TestGrid to deliver.

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TestGrid Device Cloud

Via the use of a Device and Browser Cloud, remote testing was made possible, providing cross-browser support so that the company can centrally operate their testing processes over multiple browsers, and multiple devices. The company was able to establish consistent, coherent software performance, independent of the device being used.

CI/CD Integration

The Company achieved enhanced CI/CD Integration, with a DevOps setup that works seamlessly with Test Automation and deep integrations with all the API calls required to make their service work. Scriptless API testing with the use of Network Assertions was made possible, and TestGrid helped the Company create Build Gate Definitions and Promotion Strategies, creating rock solid SDLC processes with a continuous, data-first approach to testing and release.

Saving hundreds of hours of work and hundreds more in revisions, with every build.

Test Case Management Suite

With the Test Case Management Suite, the Company is able to perform iterative testing across every browser, device and OS variant, ensuring that their insurance services never face a technical hitch.

The Test Case Suite also allows for auto-healing of test objects so iterative updates and version testing are seamlessly integrated into the SDLC without having to worry about rewriting the tests, even on a low code environment.

Test Data Management Suite

The Test Data Management suite allows for full control, ownership and free manipulation of Test data, where everything from data parameterization and transformation is possible.

This lets the QA team manage and validate all the endpoints, tokens, test data and json responses storage. The team can also validate the various elements in JSON to ensure the correctness and robustness of data, be it case-agent assignment or any rating mechanisms used by the insured client, the bundles they have chosen, or the underwriting insurance agent.

Build Analysis and Logs

With the help of detailed build analysis and logs, the company is able to keep track of every test run, every app variant, every browser version instance and ensure robust feedback on all of it with scheduled email reporting. The management is aware of exactly how their interface is performing and if there are any defect leakages. This can be as involved a process as the management wants it to be, without missing out on any of the details.

Test Case Writer

With the low-code Test Writer and Intelligent Element Extractor, the Company was able to significantly reduce the time taken to write test cases as well as deploy fewer resources for the task. With the ability to write custom scripts if needed, the Test Case Writer enabled the company to focus on growing their test repository with every version instead and easily employ Data Driven Testing.


SDLC Automation. Consistent Performance. Full Systems Integration.

Iterative Testing

The company is able to adopt a testing approach that’s up to 75% faster than manual regression testing, test creation and maintenance, right out of the box. This lets them continuously improve testing processes with every update without having to worry about rewriting test scripts.

CI/CD Automation

The company gets a solidified CI/CD pipeline, with a testing first approach, saving 1000 person days of effort and time. With perfect API integration, the company is able to test every component of their modular framework effortlessly.

Build Gate Strategies

TestGrid provided the company with state-of-the-art, industry standard Build Gate and Build Promotion strategies, ensuring that their SDLC automation minimizes the developmental load with every iteration. This is a huge step towards refining software scalably, and for an insurance giant, we offer nothing short of perfection.

Data Driven Testing

With data-driven testing, the company is able to ascertain and refine any parametric data logic that’s employed to make the software work. With verbose build logs and detailed transaction analysis, the company can also have a bird’s eye view of any unoptimized processes and prioritise what needs their attention.

Money and Time

The saved effort and money offers unparalleled scalability for the business where they can focus on improving their operations, while having a reliable testing methodology that reduces test case flakiness and rewriting by over 90%. Best of all? The entire reporting process is automated too, with management getting concise reports on testing and product efficacy via scheduled emails.


98 %

Test automation and coverage of applications


100 %

Test cases migrated to no-code TestGrid format


150 %

Grew their development teams globally