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One stop shop for all testing needs. A codeless way to test mobile apps, websites on any device, resolution, OS And Browser. And all at the same time!

Run your Tests on Real Devices & Browsers.

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The All-in-One Platform for Low Code
Test Automation

Test Planning

TestGrid can help streamline your testing workflow by providing a centralised platform for test planning.

Test Authoring

Unleash of AI-powered scriptless testing. Build logical workflows and leave the test creation to TestGrid.

Test Execution

Execute recorded tests over scalable infrastructure. On cloud or on-premise with real devices for desktop and mobile.

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TestGrid TestOS

Import your existing test cases to TestOS and achieve upto 100% codeless automation.

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Comprehensive Low-code Testing Experience For
Web, Mobile and API

Experience fast, intelligent and cost efficient testing with TestGrid, the fastest test authoring and execution platform built to revolutionize the way enterprises approach testing.

Auto healing

Stop worrying and wasting time on test maintenance. TestGrid gives your executed tests the ability to fix them on their own.

End to End Testing

One platform for all your testing needs. Functional, API and Performance Testing.

Cross Browser Testing

Run your website tests on hundreds of real browsers. Test on all major browser versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and more.


Can be hosted on premise or Cloud

Mobile App Testing

TestGrid lets you run manual and automated app testing across real devices for native and hybrid mobile apps.

Parallel Test Execution

Run the same test across multiple test configurations, at the same time. Release faster with TestOS.

Effortless Debugging

TestGrid gives detailed insights through test logs to help development teams experience easy debugging on the go.

Test Cases

Reuse Test Cases as Test Functions

From Seamless Test Generation to Test Execution

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From Seamless Test Generation to Test Execution

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