Completely No-Code Testing!

Now “The Present”

Completely No-Code Testing!

Now “The Present”

Eliminating All

To Make Your Testing Smoothest!
We have literally merged the functionalities of X+ applications & softwares that you may now be using to test your or your client’s softwares and hassling with exporting-importing data from one to other applications.


“Whatever” You Can Think And Need For Testing Softwares...

The challenge was to build something that can alone manage to fulfil all “your needs” as a professional software tester, “your aspirations” as an experienced human, and hold “your imagination” before you actually imagining if that even is possible.

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Measuring the Success of Automation Test

We literally discussed with a ton of software testers and even tested ourselves to feel the pain, the hardships, the underappreciation, the early and over-working time that you (as a tester) go through, and to develop a “One-App” solution that is equipped with all the features.

We Repeat - ALL, like “WHAT-EVER” a tester will need in his lifetime testing and then not just give super-advanced reports but retain the data in a human-friendly environment. Till now you were settling for “so less” in “so more”, BUT NOW, you can get “a lot more” for “a lot less” than you have ever expected!

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A Revolutionary Operating System to Get Your Testing Done In Minutes

“One-App” to test your softwares LIVE on multiple screens, on multiple browsers, in multiple ways, using multiple test cases! Basically, test whatever you want BUT LIVE… And because of end-to-end encryption, you will get the results quickly.

Why TestOS?

Because It Is Not Just A Simple Software Testing Tool!

Tap. Type. Save. Automate.
Quickest Way To Get Your Tests Automated
You don’t have to write even a single line of code! Just log in, tap-tap-tap, type a few lines, save your test case, run it on automation for infinite iterations...
ZERO Demands
Nothing Is Prerequisite… Really!
Using TestOS, you can get started with your career in software testing without having any technical background and programming or coding knowledge. You can easily and quickly learn it just by testing, testing, and testing.
Errors & Complains!
But With Proper Reasoning
Like any other software you must have used, TestOS will also notify you of failed test cases or other errors but with complete details so you can resolve them in seconds, set up and automate tests properly, and enjoy the rest of the day! :)
Gets You Close
To Your Team, Friends, & Family
Since you will have the ability to do months of work in a week, you will be left with plenty of time that you can spend with your loved ones and enjoy your personal life to its fullest.
Lets You Fulfil
Your Ever-Waiting Lifestyle
Alternatively, when you will have the ability to do months of work in a week, you can take on more software testing projects as a freelancer or for your testing agency business and earn 4x more to fulfil your financial desires very soon.

Seems “Unbelievable” Right?

Why don’t you try for yourself…

TestOS Testing

Over 50+ Testing Possible With 500+ Test Cases.

TestCase Writer
Just For Once,

Let’s Imagine Your Life…

With TestOS Without TestOS
With TestOS
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Infinity In “ONE”

We help you import all your legacy QA setup directly to TestOS with no friction, in no time!

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Key Features Of TestOS

That you will ‘NOT’ find in any other tool. Guaranteed.

Available for Mobile and Web Testing Available for Mobile and Web Testing
Can be Hosted On Premise or Cloud Can be Hosted On Premise or Cloud
Reuse Test Case as Test Function Reuse Test Case as Test Function