5 Unavoidable And Daunting Problems to Face in Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Manual Testing does not work in today’s world. There are lot more problems with manual testing, and this problem can cause drastic issues in your software or website.

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Software testing is a crucial part of software development. The very sole aim of software testing is to verify that the software builds perfectly to satisfy the customer requirements. Software testing is not easy; it is a time-consuming procedure, as you need to check whether it follows methodologies like Agile and DevOps.

Tech changes very fast; as a result, lots of updates occur, So software developers need to make changes accordingly and then again test it to see whether it complies with the frameworks.

All this doing manually is hectic and time-consuming, so the introduction of automated testing took place, which significantly automates the testing process for you.

What Is Automated Testing?

To make things easy for developers, testers write a set of code or test scripts and make tools out of it that follow all the testing parameters and perform all the testing in just one click; developers can test their website and software.

What is manual testing?

Manual testing is a step by step process of which involves testing software by a quality analyst. Quality analysts manually test the software and find bugs in them and resolve them manually.

Problems with manual testing are a lot!

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5 Unavoidable Problems You Will Face In Manual Testing

1. Manual testing cause Human Errors:

Manual testers are very professional in their work, but they are human at last, and mistakes are bound to happen. If an error is left unnoticed by the tester, it can impact the quality of the software.

So tester works carefully and needs to validate 2 to 3 times whether every error is eradicated, which takes lots of time for the tester and delays the further stage of the software.

Hence for better time efficiency and testing accuracy, automation testing is better than manual testing.

 2. Return on investment:

Manual testers often charge a lot, and sometimes you need more than one team to properly test your software following all testing norms.

It takes lots of capital from your pocket; on the other hand, with automation testing, software testing takes place accurately, in less time and money.

Thus providing a better return on investment.

With automated testing, developers can quickly test the software eradicate the errors properly without relying on any testing team for their feedback.

So you can save your money, time, and energy with automated testing software, as having a separate testing team adds one more layer to the thick bar of the software development process

3.Manual testing makes job hectic:

When you make software, you do not make it for one day, month, or year, you make it for a long duration.

So with the development of tech and change in versions, operating systems, you need to provide regular updates

To comply with the operating system, to provide a better user experience, to add new features and much more.

In this case, manual testing is not the best way to go, as every time changes take place, there will be a need for testing.

Testing will take a reasonable amount of time, delay the updates and make the process hectic.

4. Manual testing hamper testing environment:

In order to eradicate all the errors that might occur at the user end, testing software in the actual test environment is essential.

You need to test software for all the supporting devices, android and ios versions, for all browsers, operating systems before you give it a clean sheet.

Setting up test environments manually for different O.S/devices/browsers is difficult and time-consuming.

This makes manual testing a more hectic task

5. Need for programming skills :

You need proper knowledge of programming for software testing; without programming skills, you can’t perform software testing, so you need a specialized person for testing the software.

But you can automate software and website testing with tools like TestGrid.

At testgrid you get your software and website tested at each and every layer, following the proper framework of testing, thus you can test the software with just one click

TestGrid provides codeless testing experience, with anyone with zero programming knowledge.

one can test the software and website multiple times, unlike manual testing where a dedicated team needs to be set up.


Automation testing is way better than manual testing and today software industry also resonates with this thought.

Manual testing is a long and hectic process, from hiring a suitable tester to testing software manually every new update for different devices/O.S/browsers.

Repeating the same process for other software is time-consuming. After all this, there are still chances of occurrence of human error that do not make sense.

What makes sense is going for best in standard automation testing software like TestGrid, which automates all the processes.

A person with zero programming skills can identify the bugs, provide an intensive testing environment, and perform testing ten times better than manual testing.

Also, you can use the Testgrid application on multiple software applications and websites.

As they are a set of codes that follow all the frameworks and have been designed by top-class programmers.

So for better ROI, for better, for more efficiency, and for more professional work, choose automation testing over manual testing.

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