7 Remarkable Features Worth Knowing About Automated Testing

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Automated testing is the need of today’s world. We all know how necessary testing is and how it is one of the essential steps in software and website development. So, performing it accurately is very important. 

Today, many organizations still prefer manual testing. But there are many defects to it like it is more time-consuming, has more chances of human errors, and the ROI also is not great. Automation testing software solves all these issues.

It provides better ROI, takes less time, is more accurate, and a lot more. An organization must have testing automation software for high-quality testing.

With high-quality automation software, organization productivity increases. Moreover, organization resources can work on other important tasks rather than bug fixing. However, this is possible when quality automated testing can be achieved with one software.

Here at TestGrid has solved this problem by making one of the best class Automation testing tools.

In this article, Let’s see the 7 features of TestGrid which will help your organization make testing seamless. 

1. Scriptless Test Automation

Testing often contains tons of code. Therefore, it becomes difficult for an organization as you need to set up a separate team with coding know-how since non-technical people with no programming knowledge cannot solve bugs. 

With the TestGrid automation tool, even a person without any programming knowledge can fix bugs with no coding required at all. This is because all coding is done in the backend by our developers, who are well qualified in this field. So, with just a few clicks, you will get the report of your website and app.

Our no-code automation also provides information about Mobile UI performance and API performance results. 

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2. Easy to understand

Manual testing requires specific knowledge of the field. But, the mission of TestGrid is that even the person with zero programming knowledge should resolve the bugs, and we have achieved it. We instruct bugs in easy-to-understand language while using the TestGrid test automation tool, making it easy to fix bugs.

3. Excellent return on investment (ROI)

For any business, profit is the most crucial factor. Therefore, to get a good profit, organizations try to get the best return on investment on each and every asset they invest money on. We are sure your aim is also the same.

However, manual testing hampers your mission since you waste a lot of money and resources on manual testing and hiring a team, besides wasting a lot of your time.

But, with TestGrid’s automated testing tool, you can automate the testing, with just a few clicks, and that too for more than one website or software. Moreover, you can use it for many other applications and websites and testing software updates.

In-built personal assistant makes automated testing easier and more understandable. 

4. All in one tool

With the complex requirements of web and mobile applications, testing becomes a tedious task. Hence, organizations depend heavily on testers performing such complex testing, and performing testing on multiple browsers needs lots of different tools. But, in TestGrid automation tools, we automate the whole process with just one tool. 

We have integrated different tools and provided solutions like :

  • Performance testing – TestOS shows performance metrics without additional effort and identifies crucial memory leaks
  • Integrated Metrics -Identifies bugs early by using Sonarqube+Bamboo+TestOS
  • Browser Cloud-Enables offshore model for clients with the use of remote browsers
  • Automation – Recreates client’s Selenium test cases in TestOS with 60% less effort.

All these solutions in TestGrid enhance scalability, efficiency, and reusability. Thus, there is a reduction in overall QA cost by 45% and a decrease in test case maintenance by 70%.

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5. Security

Security is the primary concern for any application and website. One key feature of TestGrid is its integrated SAST report. Static Application Security Testing (SAST) analyses source code to identify security issues that could potentially harm your application.

So, with an auto-generated SAST report with every build execution, you get a clear idea if an application or website’s security is vulnerable or not.

6. Cloud infrastructure

Cloud-based automation helps to scale the automation process with your choice of browsers and real mobile devices hosted in the cloud or on-premise as per your requirements. Moreover, Cloud tech enables you to develop and test from any part of the world. Thus, with TestGrid cloud infrastructure, proper security is ensured. 

7. Fast operation 

With TestGrid automation features like inbuilt data management, ready-to-use infrastructure, CI/CD integration, robotic testing for hardware and IoT testing, and detailed reporting, testing becomes easy for your organization.

TestGrid is the one-stop solution for all the automation testing you need. With other testing tools, you also have to employ additional tools.

But, by using proper integration, TestGrid has made even testing of complex software and websites easy and less time-consuming.

Additionally, TestGrid automation enhances your reliability and scalability, saves your cost and time, and enables remote infrastructure.

Scriptless test automation, inbuilt test data management, and ready-to-use infrastructure make it a proper plug-n-play solution for enterprises to increase the release speed.

Moreover, parallel execution across different websites, phones, and tablets enhances the work speed of testing and helps to launch the website or software faster in the market 


TestGrid has addressed the maximum problems one can face while automated testing. We follow the three-step process for making any tool or integration in TestGrid.

We identify customers’ problems and come up with a feature or integration for solving such issues. All these make the TestGrid industry ready and provide a better return on your investment.

TestGrid.io is a genuine platform where, all the features are added, keeping industry standards and the client’s needs in mind. 

TestGrid.io tries to provide the best features, the best testing environment all at the most affordable cost. Thus, we give our customers the best return on investment, which is our main priority.

Along with best-in-class features, we also provide proper customer support, which resolves your problems (if any). Thus, we ensure you get the best experience with all the features and try to enhance your hectic testing journey with a smooth ride.

Check out TestGrid.io and comment below what other topics you want us to cover in our next blog.