The most effective Way to Get the Best ROI – Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Automation testing – let’s uncover it. In a business world, any investment you do, you see the return on investment (ROI), and the more the return on investment, the happier you are as a user. ROI is a crucial factor to consider in business. 

The same applies to the software development business as well. In software development, you want the best return on investment; that’s why you choose the best employees and try to get the most productivity from those employees. Hence, choosing the right software and website automation testing tool is also essential.

In this blog, let’s discuss how TestGrid provides the best ROI in the market.

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Automation Testing

1. No code/scriptless testing 

Manual testing is not effective anymore, as there are chances of human error. Besides, it takes lots of time to fix bugs also, and the return on investment is not that great. However, with, you can automate the process of website and software application testing with just a few clicks.

Instructions given to fix the bugs are in easy language. So, even a person with no programming knowledge can fix the bugs. Besides, you also can use it on multiple applications and software. So it is just a one-time investment and provides the best ROI.

2. Cloud infrastructure

Nowadays, work is distributed worldwide, with remote working becoming the new trend or need of an hour. With, we provide cloud infrastructure for browser and mobile devices with proper security.

You can use this for manual and automation testing, thus enhancing your organization’s scalability and work speed. This saves time and enables you to serve clients fast or launch your software or website on time.

3. IoT automation

The Internet of things and its application have increased and will increase over the years to come. And, with lots of software applications coming with the IoT facility, testing of IoT is also required. Additionally, in, automation testing of voice-enabled devices like Alexa, Google Home, etc., is also possible.

Features like Robotic Arms based on open source components help to automate hardware test cases, for example, to automate the testing of POS devices and OTT devices.

Automation Testing

4. Integration is the one-stop solution for testing your software and website. And, nowadays, website testing has become more complex. Therefore, with technology upgrading, every day, more and more advanced tech is used, and testing these codes properly needs advanced tools. 

Besides, many automation tools do not provide all testing facilities, but with, you can automate tests of any application or website quickly. Hence, there is no need to jump from one tool to another.

With, you can identify bugs early by using Sonarqube+Bamboo+TestOS.

Recreate client’s selenium test cases in with 60% less effort.

5. Integrated Metrics

It Identifies crash causes and reports the exact cause of the crash, providing instant value to the client.

6. Ensure Security

Security is the primary concern for any application and website. TestGrid comes with an integrated SAST report. Static application security testing (SAST) analyses source code to find security issues that might harm your application. 

So, with an auto-generated SAST report with every build execution, you get a clear idea if an application or website’s security is vulnerable or not.

7. Proper report

Using the automation testing tool, you get all the software and website performance reports—details of mobile and single-user metrics, API performance metrics, web, and UI performance results. Moreover, security issues and details about the bugs and all these details in simple language make it easy to understand and work upon even for the person with zero programming knowledge.

8. Some premium support and features 

  • Private dedicated hardware
  • Any number of users allowed 
  • Unlimited script testing facility
  • Download generated Appium/XCUITest/Espresso code
  • Execute custom code
  • Download generated Selenium code
  • Manual testing on real devices and browsers

Several automation tools are available in the market, but not all automation tools comply with the industry requirements. However, covers the maximum requirements.

9. Testing supported by

Many of the known automation testing tools available in the market do not support all the testing facilities like Interruption testing, Functional testing, performance, CPU and memory testing, API performance testing, GPS testing for android and ios, visual testing, and XCUIT. But, with, you get all these testing facilities. 

Automation Testing


TestGrid is the best in the industry with all the facilities available in one tool since we have properly integrated everything in one tool.

It provides better features, compatibility, test environment, connectivity, better report, and cloud infrastructure. Besides, it ensures proper security and provides reports of security issues.

Additionally, it allows integration of other tools and ensures proper testing of even complex websites. Moreover, no coding is required, and with instructions in simple English, even a person with zero programming knowledge can understand.

Our main aim remains to provide the best automation testing tool with top features and satisfy industry requirements. 

Therefore, with all these features of automation testing, any organization can test any website or software easily and can find issues and solve them with ease and in less time.