iPhone X: Everything Testers should know about and prepare for

iphone x gallery1 2017.0

Apple has released a brand new innovative device that is very different from its previous generation devices. Here are a few things that every app development and test team should be aware of.

Screen Resolution

iPhone X is a 5.8” device with Super Retina display. The new screen resolution is 2436 x 1125 and it runs end to end.

What this means for testers:
This could potentially impact the UI of your app. The screen size, resolution and status bar at the top of the phone are totally different.


Apple has announced Face ID for its new iPhones. Face ID uses Apple’s neural network engine to ID the person and enhances the user experience.

What this means for testers:
This will effect the apps that are using Touch ID.

No Home Button

Apple has introduced a brand new way to navigate by removing the home button on iPhone X. Users now have to use new gestures like single swipe at the bottom takes you home from anywhere.

What this means for testers:
This adds a whole new test suite management nightmare. With older generation iPhones still supporting the Home button, some test cases have to be re-written to support both navigation techniques.



True Depth Camera
A11 Bionic Chip
2 Hours extra battery life
New Apple-Designed 3 core GPU
Wireless charging

What this means for testers:
The hardware update is a major step forward for Apple. Games, AR apps, Photo apps and others could potentially use these high-end resources to create an outstanding experience. However, all iOS apps need to be tested on real devices. Not everyone will have this amazing new iPhone X and our apps have to perform on this new titan and older generation devices as well.

TestGrid.io device lab is getting ready to support iPhone X and their teams have already started working with their clients to help them get ready for the iPhone X release.