Top Benefits of Mobile Cloud Testing you Must Know About

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Get Instant Access To The Testos Mobile Testing On The Cloud

Improve & Automate Your Mobile Testing Efforts In The Lowest Possible Investment

Without compromising on the quality of test iterations and reports!


Trusted By 200+ Companies

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  • Made Just For You:
    The TestOS mobile cloud is best suited for you and your software teams (especially if it’s a small one of 15-20 mates or less) who want to test multiple apps or websites on a range of REAL mobile devices with advanced features but can’t afford to keep an in-house lab running. If your team is larger & you would like to host mobile cloud on-premise (or your organisation requires that whole infrastructure be hosted on-premise) instead of cloud hosting, that is also possible.

  • Easily Scale Your Mobile Testing Game OVERNIGHT:
    With TestOS mobile cloud, you can easily get all the resources available on toes and scale your mobile app testing with real devices & Emulators on the cloud. For example, you were finding bugs early by testing your mobile or web app on various Android and iOS devices to ensure a seamless user experience no matter what.

  • Test Across Many Devices – On Your Terms:
    The REAL device cloud of TestOS will allow your team or you as an individual tester to test across 100+ real devices and browsers, including both Android and iOS devices. Teams can either test manually on the appropriate device or execute automated parallel tests across numerous devices. 

  • You Are ‘Backed-up’ From Everywhere:
    The biggest issue that comes with cloud testing is SECURITY! And, the best thing about TestOS mobile cloud testing is that all the resources (every single one) run on a “Secure Cloud Environment”, ensuring that your data and test results remain sealed pack to only you.

  • Integrate Whatever You Want!:
    We made it possible for you to easily integrate TestOS with any of the testing tools that you want, following a few simple steps within just a few clicks. By the way, you can also integrate it with the test automation tools and run all your test cases on autopilot! :).

  • Resources Saved = Money Earned:
    Just by NOT having in-house devices running and consuming space and energy, you can eventually save a ton of extra resources and money. Also, holding cloud testing software in your hands, you can significantly reduce the setting-up, writing, testing, and data storage costs which can help you get started JUST TODAY.

  • Scale Your Business To An Enterprise Level:
    With the power of testing MORE applications with the same time frame, the sky is only to grow and exponentially scale your software testing business (even as a freelancer or a small team) to an enterprise-level just within a few months after getting TestOS in your software testing toolkit.

Devices We Support For Mobile App Testing



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You Can Literally Do “All” Types Of Testing

Using TestOS Mobile Cloud

Support for Different OS Versions

Load Testing

UI Testing

Performance Testing

Functional Testing

And a lot more…


A Few More Reasons To

Get Started With TestOS Today!

Global Reach

Gain the massive competitive edge by getting a global reach while using

Detailed Documentation

Easy and simple to understand documents.organisationQuicklyFor example, findingvariousAcross

24×7 Support

Have you got unsolved questions? Shoot all of them to our technical support experts anytime and get answers within hours.

What Do People Say About TestOS?

Believe it or not, TestOS mobile cloud testing can make it significantly easier to get complete test coverage when your team wants to access many cross-platform devices.
Furthermore, you and your team will be able to scale up testing with parallel tests to shorten release cycles.
Too Good To Be True, Right? Why Don’t You

Weekly Free Software Training

Serious About Security & Privacy

Support Available

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