Top Outcomes of Using TestGrid Device Cloud for Test Automation

Top Outcomes of Using TestGrid Device Cloud for Test Automation

Have you already incorporated automation testing into your software development process? 

If so, you must be reaping its multiple benefits, like accelerated software testing, greater test coverage, and quicker identification and resolution of bugs and glitches, to name a few.

Now, how about taking your testing process to the next level, i.e. automation testing in the cloud?

For many reasons, several companies are shifting their focus from on-premise testing to cloud testing. 

Cloud testing provides numerous benefits that are too valuable to overlook, like cost-effectiveness, higher security levels, scalability, and quicker deployment, to name a few.  

With competition intensifying every day, upgrading to a reliable cloud automation testing tool would be prudent for your business to gain a strong foothold in the software arena. 

However, with scores of testing tools flooding the market and each company claiming its tool is the best, selecting the right tool can be tricky.

In recent years, TestGrid’s Public Cloud is a tool that has caught the attention of software developers and testers by consistently delivering outcomes far superior to other tools.

Outcomes to expect with TestGrid Device cloud for Test Automation

What benefits does TestGrid provide that other tools do not? What are the outcomes TestGrid delivers to testers and developers?

To answer these questions, let us analyze each outcome that TestGrid delivers one by one in detail.

  1. Cost Savings

When you switch to TestGrid public cloud, you need not worry about setting up servers, data centers, and other physical hardware. Since all your essential test environments are set up already, you need not incur any setup or infrastructure costs. All you need to do is quickly construct your tests and begin executing the tests straight away.

The absence of high upfront costs and maintenance expenses and the ability to scale up testing with parallel and uninterrupted testing via multiple browsers and devices make TestGrid a cost-effective solution for your organization.

  1. Efficiency

With TestGrid, you can test even the most complex apps effectively and identify bugs or glitches quickly at an early development stage. TestGrid ensures you will never experience any issues while performing tests in parallel with multiple devices and browsers. TestGrid’s solid backend guarantees that the software you release will be error-free and perfect in every sense.

Moreover, the high test coverage that TestGrid provides by allowing testers to test on various real devices, browsers, and OS versions ensures that you will deliver a top-notch product with a great user experience.

  1. A One-Stop Solution

Many companies have to resort to multiple tools and technologies to test their applications. However, with TestGrid, you can fulfill all your testing requirements under one roof. 

TestGrid lets companies perform sophisticated testing on the cloud and on-premise, thus eliminating the hassles of finding and scaling cloud and physical infrastructure. It even provides them with additional services, further reducing their capital expenditure and time taken to test. 

TestGrid allows testers and developers to efficiently perform tests on apps across multiple browsers and operating systems. With TestGrid, you can conduct cross-browser, security, and API testing and verify mobile app performance, all using the same platform.

TestGrid offers you an end-to-end testing platform, a real device cloud, and test management software all in one package, making it the ideal one-stop solution for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

  1. Increased Release Speed 

Testing on the TestGrid platform eliminates the need for different skill sets, the setting up of expensive infrastructure, and the need to use multiple tools, thus allowing teams to perform testing quickly and efficiently and increasing the release speed of the software. 

TestGrid allows testers access to all browsers and many real devices to test whether the software performs optimally on all of them. Compared to traditional automation tools, setting up the installation becomes quick and easy on the TestGrid platform. You do not have to worry about installing infrastructure or the environment. All you have to do is simply sign in and start testing. 

Moreover, you can parallelly test your software on multiple real devices and browsers smoothly. Finally, it increases your confidence that your software is free from defects and ready for release on time. 

  1. Better Quality Software

TestGrid’s public cloud enables you to accurately test every feature of even the most complex apps, thus enabling you to deliver perfect products every time. You can conduct various types of testing on your applications to evaluate if they perform to the expectations and are free from glitches.

Performance metrics: The performance metrics you derive when testing your applications on the TestGrid platform let you evaluate their performance.

These are some of the performance metrics you get:

  1. Memory Usage: The amount of memory the application uses. High utilization of memory results in slower performance.
  2. Response time: It is the application’s response time, which is the time from receipt of a user request to the receipt of the response’s first character. Slower responses can result in poor user experiences.
  3. CPU utilization: This is the percentage of a device’s CPU used by an application. A high CPU utilization will lead to slower performance and a poor user experience.
  4. Throughput: It refers to the amount of data that the application transmits in a given period. Higher throughput will speed up the loading time and improve the user experience.

Cross-browser testing: Through the TestGrid platform, you can ensure that the application you are testing performs well across multiple browsers and devices. 

TestGrid lets you test on different browsers like Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. Whenever you identify any issue arising when testing with a specific browser or device, you can take steps to rectify the defect quickly.

With TestGrid’s automated cross-browser testing, you can create tests in a scriptless manner and have the browsers run them automatically in parallel or sequentially.

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API testing: It is a critical component of the software testing process, and with TestGrid, you can verify if your application’s API meets the expectations.

Whether you test a mobile or web application using the TestGrid platform, you can be sure that the software is perfect, free from bugs or glitches, and ready to be released. 

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Cloud-based test automation with TestGrid allows developer and QA teams to collaborate on the same products in real-time, providing faster feedback loops and valuable insights. All these help accelerate the testing process and speed up software development, thereby letting you release your apps faster to the market and giving your organization a competitive edge.

With applications becoming more complex every day, moving to a reliable and efficient cloud-based automation testing platform like TestGrid will shorten your software release cycles significantly, reduce costs, and enhance your company’s profit margins in the long run.