TestGrid Helps a Boston based Life Sciences Giant Test Digestible Bluetooth Pill

TestGrid Helps Test Digestible Bluetooth Pill

In the fast-paced world of life sciences and biotechnology, innovation is key. A Boston-based industry leader recently faced a unique challenge in efficiently testing a groundbreaking digestible Bluetooth pill. TestGrid, with its agile approach and cutting-edge technology, stepped in to provide a tailored solution.

The Challenge: Testing a Revolutionary Bluetooth Pill 

Traditional testing methods simply couldn’t keep pace with the groundbreaking nature of their digestible Bluetooth pill. Consuming multiple pills for different payload tests was impractical, and strict regulatory restrictions on data sharing further complicated matters. Additionally, the need for continuous testing and automation through CI/CD demanded a solution that was not only robust but also seamlessly integrated with their existing hardware and security infrastructure. This confluence of challenges necessitated a partner who could provide a highly specialized and tailored testing environment.

Client Requirements:

On-Premise Testing Partner: They needed a partner who could conduct testing on-site, ensuring complete control over the process.

HIPAA Compliance: Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data, compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was non-negotiable.

In-Range Bluetooth Testing: Accurate testing required the ability to bring real-world scenarios, ensuring the pill functioned within the expected range.

Simulating Bluetooth Payload: Testing different payloads was essential, but consuming multiple pills was not a viable option.

Regulatory Restrictions: Due to PHI data, sharing was highly restricted, posing a significant hurdle in generating accurate results.

Behind-Firewall Solution: Security was a paramount concern, necessitating a solution that operated securely behind the client’s firewall.

Compatibility with in-house infrastructure: Testing required the use of mobile devices, and the solution had to seamlessly integrate with the client’s hardware.

Offline software installation – Client did not allow access to the external internet and also they cannot bring external hardware like servers and routers. 

Continuous Testing with CI/CD: To streamline the development process, the client required continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) capabilities to automate testing.

TestGrid’s Tailored Solution

TestGrid’s team of experts approached the project with a focus on precision and innovation. By combining our on-premise mobile and browser cloud offering with our proprietary SimuLinQ (remotely configurable Bluetooth Simulator) that replicated real-world conditions, they created a controlled testing environment that allowed for rigorous, in-depth examination of the pill’s capabilities. The integration of TestGrid SimuLinQ devices ensured seamless communication with the client’s hardware, enabling precise bluetooth data collection. Additionally, TestGrid’s engineers crafted specialized payloads, eliminating the need for excessive pill consumption while still providing comprehensive testing coverage. This bespoke solution not only met the client’s requirements but also exceeded them, showcasing TestGrid’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge, tailored testing solutions.

On-Premise Testing Cart Deployment: TestGrid deployed an on-premise testing cart equipped with 100+ client mobile devices, all operating behind a secure VPN/firewall.

TestGrid SimuLinQ: TestGrid’s SimuLinQ enabled clients to simulate bluetooth payload and control the data remotely which in turn helped them with automating 1000’s of data points.

MDM Compatibility: The solution was designed to work seamlessly with the client’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, ensuring smooth operations.

Continuous Test Case Generation: TestGrid implemented a robust system for generating continuous test cases, automating the testing process and enabling efficient deployment with CI/CD.

Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed reports were generated, providing valuable insights into the testing process and results.

Achieving Outstanding Outcomes

The implementation of TestGrid’s TestOS brought about a transformative shift in the client’s testing capabilities. With the ability to scale up automation testing efforts, the client experienced a substantial acceleration in their product development cycle. The replication of real-world testing conditions ensured that the Bluetooth pill performed reliably across a spectrum of environments, instilling confidence in its functionality. Perhaps most notably, the reduction in testing time by an impressive 30% demonstrated the remarkable efficiency gains achieved through TestGrid’s tailored solution. This time-saving allowed the client to not only expedite their product’s time to market but also allocate resources more efficiently, ultimately driving innovation in the field of biotechnology.

Scaling Automation Testing: The client was able to scale up their automation testing efforts significantly, streamlining their development process.

Real-World Testing Conditions: With TestGrid’s solution, the client could replicate real-world scenarios, ensuring the Bluetooth pill performed as expected in various environments.

45% Reduction in Testing Time: Thanks to the efficiency and automation introduced by TestGrid, testing time was reduced by an impressive 45%, allowing for faster product development and deployment.

40% cost reduction – Through the reuse of their current mobile devices and the consolidation of their device infrastructure, the client successfully curtailed unnecessary device acquisitions, resulting in a reduction of the burden of managing multiple vendors across different locations. Additionally, the implementation of TestGrid’s codeless automation ensured the future-proofing of their testing processes. All this helped the client to save over 40% of their testing cost. This cost efficiency is just the beginning.


TestGrid’s innovative approach and cutting-edge technology empowered the Boston-based life sciences giant to overcome complex testing challenges. By creating a HIPAA-compliant, on-premise testing solution, TestGrid enabled the client to push the boundaries of innovation in biotechnology. The successful collaboration serves as a testament to the power of agile, customized solutions in the ever-evolving field of life sciences.