IoT-Driven Transformation. TestGrid Boosting Efficiency for U.S based Tire Retailer

IoT-Driven Transformation. TestGrid Boosting Efficiency for U.S based Tire Retailer

The Client:
An industry-leading independent retailer specializing in tires and wheels globally, with headquarters based in the United States. Facing challenges in time-consuming manual tread depth scanning processes, they sought a cost-effective, on-premise, and scriptless testing solution to automate these critical operations.

Challenges Faced:
Manual tread depth scanning of tires proved arduous, time-intensive, and error-prone. The client urgently required an innovative, cost-effective, and on-premise automation solution to streamline these procedures.

Approach Taken:

  • Expertise Leveraged: TestGrid utilized its profound expertise in leveraging AI and Codeless Automation to drive tangible business benefits.
  • Tailored Infrastructure: Deployed on-premise infrastructure tailored to meet the specific needs of the client’s operations.
  • IoT Implementation: Leveraged an IoT-based Wireless Robotic Arm to execute labor-intensive tasks, significantly reducing the need for human intervention.

Solutions Implemented:

TestGrid created two test scenarios and procured the Robotic Arm to implement it with ‘Record and Play’ feature, performing the following jobs that were previously done manually.

  • Tread depth scan of the tires
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) scan
  • Seamless CI/CD Integration with Jenkins for efficient testing and deployment processes.
  • Leveraged TestGrid’s TestOS for Codeless Mobile App Testing, ensuring comprehensive testing across multiple devices and operating systems.
  • Implementation of the Test Data Management Suite, granting complete control over test data and validation procedures.

TestGrid’s TestOS for Codeless Mobile App Testing

TestGrid deployed on-premise devices powered by TestOS, its end-to-end testing platform. This allowed the client to centrally manage their testing procedures across multiple iOS and Android devices, ensuring comprehensive and streamlined operations.

Mobile App Test Automation

TestGrid automated mobile app test cases across four applications and introduced test case versioning, ensuring seamless management of updates and enhancing operational fluidity.

Internet of Things Implementation

An IoT-based wireless robotic arm was seamlessly integrated, enabling the client to record and replay arm actions multiple times. This innovation significantly minimized manual intervention.

CI/CD Integration

Enabling CI/CD Integration with a DevOps setup streamlined the client’s Test Automation. This integration not only saved hundreds of operational hours but also reduced revisions in each build, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Test Data Management Suite

TestGrid’s Test Data Management suite granted the client complete control and ownership over test data, allowing for effortless parameterization and transformation. This facilitated efficient management and validation of endpoints, tokens, test data, and JSON response storage, ensuring data correctness and robustness.

Build Analysis and Logs

Through periodic dashboards and detailed build analysis/logs, the client received comprehensive insights into every test run. Customizable reports included performance metrics and network block data, providing invaluable information on interface performance and defect identification.

This analytical approach facilitated a deeper understanding of interface performance and the identification of any defect leakages, empowering the team to make informed decisions.

Achieved Results:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Automation drastically reduced manual efforts, saving hundreds of operational hours and boosting efficiency by approximately 40%.
  2. 100+ Automated Test Cases: Implemented across four critical mobile applications using advanced scriptless automation techniques.
  3. Tailored Reporting: Customized and detailed reports were generated periodically, offering insights tailored to the client’s requirements.
  4. Seamless CI/CD Integration: Integrated DevOps setup seamlessly with the client’s Test Automation, optimizing workflows and reducing revision times.

About TestGrid:

TestGrid stands as a leading provider of end-to-end automation software testing solutions, harnessing the power of AI technologies to facilitate comprehensive on-premise and cloud-based testing.

TestOS – Unified Test Automation Platform:

TestGrid’s TestOS platform empowers low-code Test Automation for mobile applications and websites across diverse devices, resolutions, Operating Systems, and browsers simultaneously.