Device Reservation

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Step 1: Log in to your TestGrid account.

  • After logging into the TestGrid Platform with valid credentials, go to the real device cloud on the left side of the screen.
  • After clicking on the Real Device Cloud, you will see all devices allocated to that user. You can then view the device information by clicking the “i” icon.






Step 2: After clicking the ‘i’ button, the “Reserve” button will appear. Clicking this button will open the reserve window.




Step 3: Once clicked on the reserve tab, this window will appear to reserve the device for the duration that the user requires.

  • Once you fill in the appropriate details in the required field, click on the reserve button.




Step 4: A pop-up with the device reservation added will display at the top, as shown in the figure below.




Step 5: Once a device is reserved, an email will be sent to all other users informing them that the device has been added to their account as well.





Step 6: Once the device is reserved, select Reserved Devices at the top of the screen to view the list of reserved devices.




Step 7: When 15 minutes remain in their reservation period bucket, the user will be given the choice to extend or release.



Step 8: Extend is used when the user requires additional time to complete the test cases. The release function removes the device from the reserved list.


Note: Admins can revoke or assign any other user to the same device. This can be explored fully in the admin dashboard.


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