AutoHeal and AutoFix Test Automation

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Overview :

Auto Heal test automation is an intelligent software testing solution used to prevent any test issues that arise due to changes in the application’s UI or web/mobile elements. Each test case relies on verifying specific web elements identified by locators like name, ID, XPath, and type. However, continuous changes in the application can alter these elements, leading to test failures due to UI mismatches.


Step 1: Log in to the TestGrid Platform using valid credentials.


Step 2: Before starting the scriptless generator session, go to the project configuration and check the auto-heal configuration.


Notes: Verify that the Autofix function is disabled and the Autoheal functionality is enabled by default.


  • If a website or mobile application has dynamic elements, the AutoHeal functionality will detect the right locator for that element during runtime. If the element or locator is not found, AutoHeal will try different similar locators and check if any of them work. If a working locator is found, the test case will pass.


  • The Autofix button will appear in the logs when AutoHeal tries an element and it works. This allows users to identify and confirm that the element is working. Users can set this element as the default for the next build run, so when the next build runs, it uses this element, reducing execution time.


Example :
  • Write a basic login flow for the website
  •  Refer to the Web Test Generate and TestCase Execution from Test Case Versioning & Management
  • Go to the scriptless generator, create a new test case, type the test case name, enter the URL, select browsers or devices, and then click the start generating test case button.


Step 4: As per the below image, elements email0 and pass0 are generated from our codeless tool.



Step 5: Once again, go to the test cases and run the saved test case.




Step 6: The auto-heal functionality executes the element email0, similarly for pass0.




Step 7: As you can see in the last step, the test case passed with the auto-heal feature.



As simple as that! Happy Testing 😇


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