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The Native Test feature allows you to easily execute test cases on both iOS and Android devices by uploading a build from your local device. It tests native applications (iOS or Android) with platform-specific frameworks. For Android, Espresso is used for comprehensive testing. By leveraging Espresso for Android, you can ensure robust, efficient, and scalable testing of your native applications.


Step 1: Log in to your TestGrid account.

Log in with valid credentials, navigate to the Native Test option tab, and click on Android.

Step 2: Adding or Selecting a Project and Uploading Build
Choose an existing project or add a new one by clicking Add New Project. Select the version, choose the appropriate .apk/.aab file, and then click the Next icon after it uploads.

Step 3: Enter Build Information and Upload File
Provide the build name, upload the test .apk/.aab file, and then click Next to proceed. Select your device and click Run Native Test to initiate the testing process.

Step 4: Execution Monitoring
During execution, the connected device status, test case completion time, and “OK” indication for passed tests are visible. Additionally, a downloadable video capturing the test process is available for viewing on your local machine. Thus, executing native app on Android is becoming much easier.
Native testing on Android streamlines the verification of app reliability and functionality across diverse devices and versions.
Happy Testing!
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