Selenium IDE Integration with TestGrid through Selenium-Side-Runner

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Requirements The subsequent prerequisites are essential for the functionality of the command line runner:

  • Node.js (programming language) version 8 or 10
  • npm (NodeJS package manager), usually installed alongside node
  • selenium-side-runner (Selenium IDE command line runner)


> brew install node
> npm install -g selenium-side-runner

Note: Please be aware that your system setup might vary from the example provided above (for instance, if you are using Homebrew on MacOS). If this is the case, refer to the Node installation documentation pertaining to package managers or obtain a Node installer tailored for your operating system from the Node downloads page.


Running on TestGrid

To run your tests on a TetstGrid, you can execute the following command with your browser specific capabilities:.

// Syntax
//selenium-side-runner <Path to.Side File> --server <TestGrid Browser Public URL> --timeout 30000 -c "browserName=<chrome/firefox> tg:userToken=<TestGrid User Token> tg:udid=<Browser UDID>"

// Example
selenium-side-runner /Users/yogesh/Downloads/Google.side --server --timeout 30000 -c "browserName=chrome tg:userToken=ochskwerwerwrverxb8w5jfxj1bgnlsw tg:udid=106"


To get the <TestGrid Browser Public URL>, <Browser UDID>, follow the below steps

a. Login with TestGrid credentials and go to the Devices Cloud option tab.





Once the device cloud screen appears, you can find a number of devices and browsers there.

b. Now, Choose the browser in which you want to run your local Selenium code.




c. Select the browser and copy the “Browser Run URL (Public)”, It can be used as <TestGrid Browser Public URL> and the number you see next to the Browser name represents <Browser UDID> for that browser, i.e. 101 in below example.



To get the <TestGrid User Token> follow the below steps:

a. Go to the Dashboard and then click on “Codeless.”. After that, click on “Test Case Writer” and then click on “Versions.” On the same screen, look for the “i” button in the upper right corner.







b.  Select the “i” button icon and obtain the user token from there.


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