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Our platform allows you to execute your test cases effortlessly on both iOS and Android devices with our Native Test feature. By uploading the build to your local device, you can initiate comprehensive testing tailored to the specific platform.

Native Test refers to test cases designed specifically for testing native applications—applications developed for a specific platform or device. For iOS-based app tests, XCTest is used as the testing framework to automate the app testing. By leveraging XCTest for iOS and Appium for Android, you can ensure robust, efficient, and scalable testing of your native applications across platforms


Step 1: Log in to your TestGrid account.

  •  Logging in with valid credentials and navigating to the “Native Test” option tab



Step 2: Select the platform to execute the Test.


Step 3: Select/add the new project with other required information.

Select the existing project from the list, if it exists or a new project can be added by selecting +add new project, Select the version from dropdown after selecting click on next.





Step 4: Enter the relevant build name and upload the file, once it is uploaded successfully, click on next.



Step 5: Select the device or devices and execute the step.

Select the appropriate device or devices and Click on Run Native Test.



Step 6: After clicking on the icon, the .ipa file will be uploaded onto the device.


Step 7: Execution logs along with recorded video can be seen when is over.


Happy Testing!

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