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TestGrid allows a single test case to be executed on multiple browsers without modifying the test case. This ensures maximum code coverage with a lesser number of test cases. The goal is to optimize test cases so that the time and space complexity of test case execution can be reduced, lowering the cost and effort of the tester. Here’s a step-by-step guide to executing a test case.


  • Login credentials for TestGrid

How do I execute a web test case in TestGrid?

  • Open the TestGrid and log in with your credentials.
  • Under smoke tests, you will find resources, test functions, test cases, network assertions, and custom scripts. 
  • Select Test Cases.
  • Select the test case and click on the Run button.




  • A dialog will appear on the screen.
  • Add the URL of the website and click on the Next button.




  • Another dialog opens with multiple browser options.
  • Select the browser on which you want to execute the test case and click the Run Test button.




You can view the live execution results. You can select build summary on the left panel to check the test case execution.

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