Perform Geo-location Testing On TG Cloud

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Test location-based scenarios with GPS and IP geolocation on the TestGrid cloud across numerous real devices and desktop browsers. Run Automated Tests From Various Locations
Accelerate your test runs from different geolocations by executing automation test scripts. Simply pass a capability for geolocation, and your automation tests will automatically run from the desired location.

a). “Set Location“: The “Set Location” feature on mobile devices allows users to change or spoof the device’s desired location information. This functionality can be used for various purposes, such as accessing geo-restricted content, safeguarding privacy, or testing location-based apps.


b). Steps to Set Location:

  1. Open the Location option under the Settings section: Navigate to the Location option in the Settings section of the device or in the mobile device cloud interface.
  2. Select the country and state: Choose the desired country and state from the drop-down menu. This will automatically set the latitude and longitude.
  3. Manual Entry: Alternatively, you can enter the latitude and longitude manually in the specified fields.
  4. Set Location: Click on the “Set Location” button to apply the new location settings.

Happy Testing!

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