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Mobile devices offer convenient manual screen recording features, empowering users to capture and share their device interactions effortlessly. Whether you want to create tutorials, demonstrate app functionalities, or report a bug, manual screen recording provides a versatile solution. This feature is accessible through the device’s settings or a dedicated app, allowing users to initiate recordings at their discretion. It’s an invaluable tool for content creators, educators, and quality assurance professionals who seek to visually showcase mobile experiences. With the ability to capture the entire screen or specific app interactions, manual screen recording enhances communication, collaboration, and troubleshooting processes on mobile devices.


Step 1: Login with your credentials, go to the Device Cloud, and connect to the device.


Step 2: To enable the recording feature, click on the icon below.



Step 3: Upon clicking, you will find three options. Tap on Start New Recording. A pop-up appears: Recording Started Successfully.



Step 4: To stop recording again, click on the icon to find the option Stop Recording.


  • When you click Stop Recording, a popup will appear at the top of your mobile screen.



Step 5: To find the record again, tap on the icon to find Recordings History.



Step 6: The recorded video can be downloaded.


Happy Testing!!

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