Adding the sub-users to your TestGrid account

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Step 1: Log in to the TestGrid Platform using valid credentials.

  • Go to the admin panel after logging in with valid credentials to the TestGrid Platform.
  • When you click “Admin,” a window with the admin panel will appear.



Once you reach the admin panel screen,


Step 2: On the panel’s left-side option, select ‘Users’.




Step 3: Select the “+” at the top of the right-side panel by clicking.



Step 4: The Create User screen will appear after clicking the Plus icon.

  • Complete the field with all the necessary information.
  • Only “Platform Usage Type” and “Status” remain as they are.
  • A user-successfully created popup will appear on the screen



  • Once you create a user, click on the team option on the left side of the screen. You can then create a team accordingly.



  • After that, you can create a device group and assign devices to that group.



  • The assign devices window will appear when you click on the assign device icon.
  • The assigned device will successfully appear at the top right of the popup screen after you click the checkbox on the assigned device screen.




Step 5:  Once the devices are assigned, go to the team option where you will see the “Assign User,” “Assign Devices,” and “Assign Team” options. You can assign teams, device groups, and users accordingly.




After adding devices, you can sign into a sub-user account and go back to the device cloud screen to verify the devices.

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