Slack Integration With TestGrid

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Slack stands for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”. a cloud-based instant messaging platform that provides resources and services to enhance team communication. Slack centralizes all of your team’s communication. It supports real-time messaging, screen sharing, audio calls, file sharing, and advanced archive search. You can construct distinct channels for various topics, ensuring an integrated place with distinct surroundings for each team.

How Can Your TestGrid Account Be Integrated With Slack?

Step 1: Log in to your TestGrid account. To see and install integrations, you would require administrator or user-level access.

  • After logging into the TestGrid Platform with valid credentials, select More Tools from the menu on the left panel.
  • Select ‘Integration Tools’ from the More Tools drop-down menu.



Once you click on the Integration tools on the left panel, You will see a list of third-party tools window.



Step 2: Once you click on Slack you will see information Window will appear, Then click on the install button.



Step 3: After clicking the install Button, you will be redirected to Slack Workplace.

  • Enter the correct email address in the required field, then click the Continue button.



  • Why do we ask for your login credentials?
    Slack APIs use OAuth 2.0’s authorization code grant flow for generating access tokens on the user’s behalf.


  • What is an Access token?
    Access tokens are strings that contain authorization keys that are required to access an API. They are typically opaque and issued to the client-server. They are utilized to make requests for access to user-specific, secured resources. Access tokens are vital from a security point of view and can be generated in different formats, depending on the security requirements specified on the resource server.



Step 4:  When logged into Slack, you will be taken to a page where you must post to a channel to verify your identity. You can share your UI insights with your team through any of your already-established channels. You can also share it with a friend or colleague via a personal channel.


Once you click on the allow button you will be redirected to the test grid dashboard.

Step 5: Coming back to the TestGrid dashboard, you will see your account integrated with Slack.

  • Click on the setting you will see Notification Preferences.




Step 6: On the left side of the panel, click on the Real Device Cloud menu. You will be redirected to the Real Device Cloud window.

  • If you click on the device, you will see the reserve option in the device information.
  • Click on the reserve option, and a Reserve Device window will appear. Then you will enter the appropriate information in that required field.
  • After entering the required information in that field and clicking the reserve button, you will see the device reserve successful message On the right top side of the panel.



A notification would be shared with all the members belonging to that channel, informing them about your integration.



That’s it! Go to Integrations again and you will be able to notice a Blue tick indicating that Slack is successfully installed.

As simple as that! Happy Testing 😇

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