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Scriptless Generated Appium Code

Follow the steps shown below to download scriptless generated Appium code:

#01 Navigate to “TestCase Writer”

Under TG- TestCase Writer, Choose your APP.

#02 Click on the “Local Execution” Button on Top Right Corner

#03 Click on the “Download the Testcases” Button in Dialog

It will download a zip file namely “”.

A snippet of the “” file.

In order to execute the generated code on a local machine, follow the instruction given below:

#01 Install Java, Android, Appium, and Maven.

#02 Download project Appium-android from here “download”.

It will download a zip file namely “”.

#03 Unzip the zip file and see the “appium-android” folder.

#04 Copy the java files you want to run, into the “appium-android” folder at path: appium-android/src/test/java/appium/tgo/

#05 Start Appium server

#06 Open a terminal and change the current directory to root folder of project appium-android

#07 Run command: mvn clean

#08 To run any java file Run commandmvn test -Dtest={JavaFileName}{APP_PATH} -Dcapability.udid={UDID} -Dcapability.platformVersion={Device_OS_Version} -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true

Commands example:
mvn test -Dtest=test_case_0 -Dcapability.udid=52003e2feed24559 -Dcapability.platformVersion=7.0 -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true 

As simple as That!

Happy Testing 🙂

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